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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor closed pull request #362: Editorial clean-up (sections 0,1,2) (master...issue-361) https://git.io/vpr5R
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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor closed pull request #364: Adding Resource Management introduction (master...resource-mgmt-intro) https://git.io/vpK3G
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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vhJli
fcrepo-specification/master 7e28915 Simeon Warner: Remove 6.1 Introduction heading (#370)
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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor closed pull request #365: relabel 'What is Fixity?' as 'Introduction' (master...issue-360) https://git.io/vpPjX
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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor reopened pull request #365: relabel 'What is Fixity?' as 'Introduction' (master...issue-360) https://git.io/vpPjX
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[fcrepo4] bseeger created my-FCREPO-2748 (+46 new commits): https://git.io/vhJBT
fcrepo4/my-FCREPO-2748 e4d0dbb bbpennel: Implemented FedoraBinary implementation for LocalFiles
fcrepo4/my-FCREPO-2748 1e9d54e bbpennel: Refactored MessageExternalBodyContentType to throw a UnsupportedAccessTypeException earlier rather than waiting until after hitting an NPE if no access type is available
fcrepo4/my-FCREPO-2748 0ee43ec bbpennel: Updated services which generate FedoraBinary instances to return a LocalFileBinaryImpl when appropriate. Added additional test cases to cover this
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[fcrepo4] bseeger deleted my-FCREPO-2748 at e22516d: https://git.io/vhJzG
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