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It's the BIRDS!11:02
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<whikloj>ha nymphs
<escowles>those capricious nymphs — always cutting out at the least convenient time11:04
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<dbernstein>kefo: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2018-02-22+-+Fedora+Tech+Meeting11:10
<whikloj>dbernstein: are you back?
<bseeger>Ricky never listens well11:11
<dbernstein>Can anyone hear me?
we're getting an ad, basically.
<whikloj>I am very interested in emergency loans
<dbernstein>hang on let me rejoin.
<peichman1>this is a new one, conference call spam
<whikloj>what was that number again?11:12
<escowles>wow, first nymphs and now Ricky's spamming us
<bseeger>Ricky, the carrier pidgeon, is concerned about our welfare.
<peichman1>parallel meetings!
<escowles>schroedinger's fedora tech call11:13
but Ricky left
phew, was nervous there for a minute11:15
(on who was dialing in)
<whikloj>the cat came back...the very next day
bseeger: I can check with Josh for his availability11:20
<bseeger>thanks, peichman1
<peichman1>maybe a post to fedora-community as well as fedora-tech?11:21
to try to pull in doc and test folks11:22
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<escowles>spec issue for making PATCH/PUT optional for LDPCv: https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo-specification/issues/33511:47
<bseeger>how'd it go?11:54
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