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*is here*
<peichman1>sounds good11:07
<whikloj>sounds good
move along11:09
awoods: whenever you are away
<awoods>subject: "Fedora 4.7.5 Release Candidate - 2"11:11
<whikloj>dbernstein: thats me
<awoods>bseeger: are you going to be able to jump on one of the sprints?11:12
<whikloj>I'll try to spend some time on it tomorrow.11:16
dbernstein: sure11:17
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<whikloj>In fairness, that was Colin Brittle's work, I'm supposed to finish it off11:19
<bseeger>and there might be Jira tickets for some of these already — those are the ones I was thinking of11:20
<awoods>bseeger: it would be helpful to include jira tickets in this wiki page (either existing tickets or new tickets)
<whikloj>ylchen: pick a section and stick your name beside it and I'll do the same11:22
<ylchen>whikloj: will do11:23
<bseeger>awoods: I'll have an answer about joining a sprint soon.11:24
<whikloj>WOO HOO11:26
<ylchen>What is the difference between these two: https://github.com/rotated8/fedora-spec-testing https://github.com/fcrepo4-labs/Fedora-API-Test-Suite11:28
<peichman1>will do11:38
<escowles>i doubt we'll have a productive conversation in 17 minutes... so i'm +1 to kicking it back to the spec committee to put together a fresh proposal11:43
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[fcrepo4] whikloj opened pull request #1281: WIP: Try making Mementos using a VersionService (memento-versioning...fcrepo-2617) https://git.io/vATVL
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<whikloj>I got skip out early...see you later
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<peichman1>minutes are up https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2018-02-08+-+Fedora+Tech+Meeting12:14
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fcrepo4-labs/Fedora-API-Test-Suite#84 (Added-missing-header-for-POST-LDPC - 907b210 : Jorge Abrego): The build passed.
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fcrepo4-labs/Fedora-API-Test-Suite#86 (Added-missing-header-for-POST-LDPC - f21ad01 : Jorge Abrego): The build passed.
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fcrepo4-labs/Fedora-API-Test-Suite#88 (Added-missing-header-for-POST-LDPC - 4968722 : Jorge Abrego): The build passed.
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<dbernstein>Meeting notes from todays tech call: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2018-02-08+-+Fedora+Tech+Meeting17:11
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ualbertalib/fcrepo4-oaiprovider#155 (fcrepo_4.7.4 - ed85a1f : Jeffery Antoniuk): The build passed.
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