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<dbernstein>hey fedora testers: a heads up. I’m re-uploading the fcrepo-webapp-plus-4.7.5-RC-2 files to github. The current war files contain a hardcoded value for fcrepo.modeshape.configurations. When I initially built the files I must have had some JAVA_OPTS set in my environment that caused the value to be interpolated at build time. The issue was originally surfaced by kefo after using the fcrepo-webapp-4.7.5-RC-2.war for tes14:34
the postgres and mysql. It doesn’t look like anyone has been testing using the fcrepo4-vagrant files yet. If you tried to use the vagrant path with anything but the default modeshape config you will run into the same issue.
the current RC-2 war in the fcrepo4 4.7.5 release page has been corrected. I’ll let you all know when the fcrepo-webapp-plus 4.7.5 RC 2 wars are completely updated. My apologies for any headaches / confusion this mistake on my part has made.14:37
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