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<escowles>not sure if no_reply will have time to update it, but derby could also be a contender https://github.com/fcrepo4-labs/derby11:15
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<escowles>c4l18 registration opens 12/6 noon EST / 9am PST: http://2018.code4lib.org/general-info/attend11:26
<seth-shaw>I've already volunteered for the Islandora group of that session.
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<seth-shaw>It sounds like they want Fedora to be a named graph repository...11:43
<escowles>gotta run to another meeting11:57
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<whikloj>awoods: minutes are up
<bseeger>whikloj - could you do that any faster?12:02
<whikloj>bseeger: I'd have to leave out the vowels
<whikloj>bseeger: you'll note I did not say "the minutes are complete" or "the minutes are an absolutely accurate representation of the meeting."12:03
<bseeger>whikloj: they are quite nice, though.12:04
<whikloj>bseeger: I always go for style over substance
bseeger: when you get to the embedded video for "Feels" you know I was losing the conversation12:05
<bseeger>in regards to derby, I did notice this twitter info: https://twitter.com/no_reply/status/927927150048575488
<whikloj>bseeger: yeah I did see that, I found this statement telling though https://twitter.com/ruthbrarian/status/92792752004075110512:06
<bseeger>whikloj: …. staring intensely at minutes now…
<bseeger>whikloj: yeah, I wasn't quite sure how to interpret that12:07
whikloj: that twitter stuff, that is.
<whikloj>bseeger: I always assume the statement is spoken in monotone. Unless there is a smiley face, the its a sarcastic voice12:08
bseeger: escowles is already getting it in motion https://twitter.com/escowles/status/93626852568094720112:09
<bseeger>whikloj: it's always "major institutions"….12:11
whikloj: oh, I almost sound… bitter… but I'm not really. Just find that curious.12:12
<whikloj>bseeger: That might change with the HyBox thing, my feeling was that Samvera was a large investment for small institutions. But with HyBox it can be attainable
HyBox == whatever its called now
<apb18>fascinating re: the twitter stuff.12:28
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<benpennell>I am having a terrible time with running fcrepo tests and static variables being instantiated using other static variables from anoother class which sometimes evaluate to null. has anyone else run into this?17:01
it seems to be caused by FedoraTypesUtils.isInternalProperty being initialized with JcrPropertyFunctions.isBinaryContentProperty. If i build and run a test with mvn it passed. Then I run it in eclipse and it fails. Then I run it with mvn and it now fails the same way until i rebuild everything17:03
putting isBinaryContentProperty in FedoraTypesUtils resolves the problem17:05
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<benpennell>i guess i'm not too surprised that the order in which statics in different files get instantiated varies depending on what compiles them…17:08
<whikloj>sorry no I don't think I've hit that17:12
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