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<whikloj>awoods: http://mementoweb.org/guide/timemap-json/
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(just got back from dentist, gonna stay muted)
<escowles>((mouth not working too well right now))11:03
had some old metal fillings replace with new epoxy ones
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<escowles>i think it's potentially interesting — both for fedora (maybe import/export more than the main repo software) and for samvera/valkyrie11:09
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<apb18>bagit does nothing for understanding the information in it11:11
<escowles>apb18++ having a common framework for how stuff is organized within bags, and how bags are grouped on disk, would help make the data more understandable and usable by other tools
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<escowles>it also seems like new fedora implementations could benefit from a spec for how to store stuff on disk, while it's still pretty easy to make choices that work with it
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<whikloj>Yes this is not how to do but what it should look like11:17
<bseeger>I have the same concern11:18
<escowles>yes, trying to get diverse applications to natively use the same storage layout seems unrealistic11:19
<apb18>whoever is talking: ++
<escowles>though there have been advances in journal-based storage and event-driven i/o since fedora 3's day11:20
maybe different levels of support? level 0: import/export, level 1: live read-only, 2: live read-write?11:22
<bseeger>so live could be async live?11:23
<seth-shaw>Challenges section number 5 talks about this briefly.11:24
<whikloj>I think you all should join this great upcoming group, its called the Oxford Common Filesystem Layout11:25
camel-serialization FTW11:28
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<bseeger>okay - thanks for clarify11:30
<seth-shaw>It is interesting, but tangental to current priorities.11:33
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<whikloj>THE SETH?!?!?!
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<bseeger>not currently - I do hope I can pick one up in the coming weeks11:48
<apb18>noted re: reviews11:50
<escowles>i think it's worth seeing what we get done async through the rest of the year and organize a sprint early next year if that doesn't get things done11:55
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<benpennell>in terms of committing to working on the alignment, i don't think i will have time in the next couple of weeks, but after samvera connect i can try to regroup and see if there are parts i can contribute to11:59
<escowles>same here: i expect to at least have time to review, etc. after samvera connect
<seth-shaw>Have a good week.12:02
<awoods>you too, seth-shaw
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<benpennell>awoods: one thing i was wondering about, will fcrepo5 change anything in the way that transactions are performed?12:07
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<awoods>benpennell: no, there should be not change on the txn front
benpennell: no, there should be no change on the txn front
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<benpennell>awoods: okay thanks. some time ago someone had mentioned possible having the tx ids as headers instead of part of the uri, so wanted to check12:57
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<awoods>benpennell: I suspect the txn impl will not be changing soon
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