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<the_real_thomas>sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can I use fcrepo with s3? I find a few projects using it this way and a few howtos from 2008, but if I want to use the jetty-console version with s3, how can I configure that?08:27
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<the_real_thomas>Another question I have is I found https://github.com/fcrepo4-exts/migration-utils which allows migrating fcrepo 3 to 4. But is there a streamlined way of migrating fs storage to s3?09:29
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[fcrepo-specification] awoods tagged 0.1.0 at master: https://git.io/vQ2Nj
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<the_real_thomas>I tried specifying the modeshape parameters through a repository file that I tried to load through -Dfcrepo.modeshape.configuration=filename, but it seems to not even try to load the repository file10:09
(I'm using fcrepo-webapp-4.7.3-jetty-console.jar right now)
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<awoods>the_real_thomas: That's correct. If you want to use a customized repository.json file, you will need to use a standalone Tomcat or Jetty.10:23
<whikloj>the_real_thomas: sorry I came in half way was someone helping you?
<the_real_thomas>awoods: I'm right now setting up the jetty standalone version in hopes that this was the cause :)10:25
<awoods>the_real_thomas: Please let us know if that does not resolve the issue.10:26
<the_real_thomas>thx you two btw I tried guessing the modeshape configuration options to define a self hosted s3 server
awoods: I surely will
<awoods>the_real_thomas: I am not sure I understand your S3 comment. Do you want to be using the an S3 binary store, like:10:29
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<the_real_thomas>awoods: yes just like that, but in this config there is no way to define my own s3 binary store server+port10:32
<awoods>the_real_thomas: Are you using S3? or something that acts like S3?10:33
<the_real_thomas>somethign that acts like s3
<awoods>the_real_thomas: OK, that makes sense... and is unchartered territory. If you have success, it would be helpful to get your findings / configuration documented, at a minimum, on the wiki.10:35
<the_real_thomas>awoods: yeah I will play around with it there are a few pitfalls that can exist (since my test installation works more like an older s3 installation), but I'll keep you updated10:36
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[fcrepo-specification] dannylamb closed pull request #147: Reflowing line lengths to be 120 characters or less. (master...line-lenghts-120) https://git.io/vQ8LA
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