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<benpennell>people that have worked on the import/export tool… it seems to be setup in a way that requires mvn to start up fedora for integration tests vs starting it up with spring config like in some other fedora projects. is there a good way to run the integration tests from within an IDE (for debugging) with this setup?13:54
and if not would there be a reason not to start fedora up with a bit of spring? (as a test dependency)
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<mikeAtUVa>benpennell: I don't know if there's a good way to run integration tests in an IDE....14:41
benpennell: we didn't start fedora with a bit of spring because it required us to introduce all of fedoras dependencies to the maven. We didn't want to do that, and at the time (maybe not now) there were substantial conflicts that would have been too painful to resolve.14:42
benpennell: though the apparent disadvantages (lack of IDE integration, slower runtime) are significant, there are also some advantages... such as the ease with which we can test against other released versions of fedora, the fact that it's running against actual released binaries.14:44
<benpennell>mikeAtUVa: thanks mike, it is a bit of a pain. the binaries retrieved from maven shouldn't be significantly different should they, since they are also releases?14:48
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[fcrepo-specification] escowles closed pull request #120: PUT to create becomes MAY, containment undefined (master...put-create) https://git.io/vHZ7Z
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<mikeAtUVa>benpennell: I suppose not, though they're running in grizzly (I think) not tomcat.14:53
benpennell: I don't believe there's any substantial ideological opposition to running the integration tests that way, so if you wanted to refactor, and were successful at doing so, I don't think there'd be resistance.14:54
<benpennell>okay, thanks mikeAtUVa, not sure if i'll do that yet, but i'll admit it seems like it might be faster to add then running all integration tests repeatedly :)14:59
maybe I just haven't been suitably disillusioned yet
<mikeAtUVa>I'll try to dig up any info about what the actual problems were...15:00
benpennell: I referenced some "ldpath" libraries that conflicted with the fedora libraries... https://github.com/fcrepo4-labs/fcrepo-import-export/pull/33#issuecomment-246374129 I suspect all the issues could be resolved, but I didn't have much patience for weeding through that stuff.15:04
<benpennell>cool, thanks mikeAtUVa! i'll take a look
<mikeAtUVa>benpennell: that said, there's more support for cargo in that thread than I remembered.15:05
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is it ever possible to have multiple values for fedora:lastModified? I wouldn't think it would be since it is server managed but the wiki page about relaxed mode in 4.7.4 has me wondering21:55
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