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hi all!
im kind of looking for a "distributed learning object repository network". maybe am i in the right place?14:58
<mikeAtUVa>CoolCat2012 is a Linked Data Platform implementation... I'm not sure whether it would be suitable for a "distributed learning object repository network".15:06
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<CoolCat2012__>me either, may i post a link here?
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<CoolCat2012__>i am a bit confused https://github.com/memex/trails-proposal15:16
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<whikloj>CoolCat2012__: Sooooo looking at your github site it appears that you could certainly store your data and the connections in Fedora, is that what you are wondering?15:21
<CoolCat2012__>i was looking for a p2p engine that allow me to retrive open leraning objects, so i could search the metadata15:23
im not sure if fedora would be in some sense do this work (in the github page it speak on IPFS)15:24
<whikloj>CoolCat2012__: Oh...yeah. Fedora (as mikeAtUVa said) is a Linked Data Platform. So the Memex seems like it is storing data and relationships between local data and foreign data. Fedora is good for the storing of data and making it available in a linked data context.15:26
<CoolCat2012__>i would like to have some backend, so i could have something like frametrail.org to have something like arcmedia.com
<whikloj>no experience with arcmedia.com, sorry
<CoolCat2012__>(imagining a lms scenario)15:27
whikloj is like a soundcloud for video...
whikloj: it oerlay students interaction with the video
and that github page propose that standards, as annotations on the video15:28
(i could imagine students asking with videos, but that would be out of scope)15:29
<CoolCat2012__>i liked too :)15:30
that is a project....15:37
what i found was http://edu-sharing.com/?lang=en and the fedora. (as code)15:38
<whikloj>also cool15:42
so you want to build your own system like edu-sharing?
kind of
if not allready hve15:43
<whikloj>sorry....if "who" not already have ?
<CoolCat2012__>if not allready "exists"15:44
i got the impression that fedora is very robust and for archiving purposes, not sure if it would fit.15:45
<whikloj>Fedora is very robust for storing/archiving linked data. I can see how it would fit, but it would probably not be the only piece of the puzzle.15:46
<CoolCat2012__>could you enlightme?
<whikloj>I am not a software engineer or information architect, so be aware ;)15:47
<whikloj>But depending on what you are storing, and where the "users" come from. I can see the new information that a user creates could be stored in Fedora, you could also store the "users" as resources in Fedora. Then you could link from the users to the resources (both internal and out in the world).15:48
But if you want the users to have an external starting point, then you might need to use a triplestore to maintain your relationships and just use Fedora to store newly generated content15:49
ie. Use Fedora : <info:fedora.user.me> <example:storesWebVideo> <http://youtube.com/SomeUri>15:50
Fedora can only store metadata where the subject is local to the repository. So if you want
<CoolCat2012__>fedora doesnt store the resource?15:51
<whikloj>It could
<CoolCat2012__>what is the fedora repository? (in the disk)
<whikloj>Soooo right now there is the community maintained system which uses Modeshape, but there are a couple other implementations getting started in the wild15:52
But they are rather new
<CoolCat2012__>i see.15:55
<whikloj>Sorry that was a lot to throw at you, currently the codebase is built on http://modeshape.jboss.org/15:56
<CoolCat2012__>yes, im in the middle layer (between the storage and the interface). like the need for a semantic search (mostly i thin there is allready standards metadata on the subject)...15:59
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<CoolCat2012__>...maybe i should try boths! :)
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<CoolCat2012__>thanks whikloj. a last question, if it fit, does fedora allow annotations on a video resource?16:08
<whikloj>So that would be up to you to write, Fedora can store the video and Fedora can store an annotation, and the link between the two. But Fedora is a repository so none of this comes "out-of-the-box".16:09
You probably should download the fcrepo-webapp-plus or vagrant virtual machine and try it out to see if it is what you expect.
<CoolCat2012__>thanks again whikloj !16:10
<whikloj>CoolCat2012__: np
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