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I'm here having trouble with my mic.09:04
<-- Kieran
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<informatician>Proceed! I have another mic that I'm going to use instead, need to go grab it. Brb.
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<escowles>i said it would be good to have a meeting tomorrow or weds, to give people a chance to ask questions and get things resolved
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<coblej>sound seems to be cutting in and out for me
<benpennell>is everyone cutting out or just esme?
<Bridget>I'm losing much of the sound too
<escowles>sorry, sounds like it's me...09:23
<benpennell>i think it might be everyone
<mikeAtUVa>I can hear ok using the web dialer.
<benpennell>and me
i'm connected via phone09:24
<dbernstein>me too.
<escowles>i'm using skype on my computer
<benpennell>i don't have headphones with me since i was just using my phone...
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<escowles>awoods: it says "Requesting to join the video call..."
<awoods>youn? benpennell? will you be able to join?09:26
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<youn>yes, I have to install the plugin09:28
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<benpennell>10am wednesday and whatever time tuesday are good with me
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<mikeAtUVa>It's all good here.09:35
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<Bridget>is it possible to get added to the wiki page for the sprint, links to where we can should get the latest import/export tool and which version of Fedora we should be using for testing?09:40
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<escowles>Bridget: the most recent release is at: https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/releases/tag/fcrepo-4.7.209:53
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<escowles>the first file (fcrepo-webapp-4.7.2-jetty-console.jar) is the one-click jar file that's the easiest to run without having to setup tomcat etc.09:54
the import/export tool: https://github.com/fcrepo4-labs/fcrepo-import-export/releases/tag/fcrepo-import-export-0.1.009:56
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<dbernstein>Verification tool : https://github.com/fcrepo4-labs/fcrepo-import-export-verify10:02
<mikeAtUVa>I have access to AP Trust (system and staff).10:04
<benpennell>sorry i have to bail out for my search committee now :(10:29
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<Bridget>have to hop off. I'll try to have my environment setup and some initial imports tested by check-in on wed.10:40
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<escowles>lsitu: i think creating an empty binary is a good idea, because it would let you preserve the metadata — the other option would be just not creating the binary or metadata10:45
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<escowles>lsitu: i divided up the bug tickets — go ahead and work on the one that looks best to you, and we can always reassign later if one of us runs out11:07
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[fcrepo-specification] awoods closed pull request #114: Use case template (master...use-case-template) https://git.io/v91jb
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<lsitu>escowles: It sounds good. Thanks.11:11
What the other option to not the other option would be just not creating the binary or metadata? Do you mean just crate an empty resource? It looks like Fedora is complaining about misiing resource reference for the binary files during import.
<escowles>yes, the other option would be to create an empty binary so the links to it would not cause errors11:12
<lsitu>Okay. I’ll create the empty binary then. Thanks.11:13
<escowles>lsitu: the main problem i see with that is that the empty binary would have a different checksum than what's in the real binary, so i think it will lead to validation problems11:18
so i think when the importer can't find a binary, it shouldn't import links to the binary either
<lsitu>escowles: Hmm, yep, that makes it troublesome.11:20
Will it work if we just create an empty resource?11:22
<escowles>i don't think so — if we create an empty resource it will have a bad checksum, not the same checksum as the original file11:23
so i think either not exporting any references to the binaries, or not importing them, will avoid that issue
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<lsitu>escowles: It looks like we don’t have much options. Keeping those binary reference will lead to diff on disk when doing import and export again. Does it sounds good to just filtering out those binary references?
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<escowles>lsitu: yes, filtering them out sounds good — if the export is configured not to export binaries, then that seems like the right thing to do11:33
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<awoods>escowles/lsitu: What is the use case for exporting without binaries?11:35
escowles/lsitu: I thought it was to reduce the size of the export
<escowles>awoods: yes, i think that it — allowing more frequent exports of metadata11:36
<awoods>escowles/lsitu: If we are removing any notion of those binaries on import... that seem problematic
<escowles>awoods: do you think the exported metadata should include links to the binaries, and we should filter them out on import?
that's the other option we talked about
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<awoods>escowles/lsitu: Let's approach it from the desired result of a round trip without binaries
<escowles>creating a placeholder seemed good at first, but then the checksum wouldn't match, which also seems like a bad result
<awoods>escowles/lsitu: I think we need a use case11:38
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<escowles>i think if you did a roundtrip without binaries, you would need to re-add the binaries afterwards, so filtering them out seems like a good option
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<escowles>one i have is: i want to migrate from internal content to external content: export without binaries, import that into a new repo, and then add external content links to the binaries hosted elsewhere11:39
<awoods>escowles/lsitu: That is helpful
<escowles>another one might be: i want to export metadata frequently, and restore it, but leave binaries alone
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<awoods>escowles/lsitu: it seems that filtering out the binary links would not work well for the second use case11:41
escowles/lsitu: although the filtering approach would be very good for the first use case
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<escowles>awoods: the second case seems more like the syncing scenarios we haven't tackled yet
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<awoods>escowles/lsitu: I am ok with documenting the first use case and targeting the filtering impl towards supporting that.
escowles/lsitu: It would probably be good to also document the second use case... and put it in the "not yet" category11:44
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<escowles>awoods: that sounds good to me — i think implementing something that works is better than the current broken behavior — we can get feedback and refine from there
<awoods>escowles/lsitu: +1
<escowles>i'm going to get some lunch right now — but i can write up those use cases after that
<awoods>escowles/lsitu: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Design+-+Import+-+Export#Design-Import-Export-Usecases11:45
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<lsitu>awoods/escowles: I’ll start from that approach to filter out the binary reference for now then. Thanks.
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<awoods>lsitu: +1
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<westgard>need to leave for a meeting will be back online in the later pm
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<youn>Can I use fcrepo-webapp-4.7.2-jetty-console.jar to start a 2nd repository to import into? I tried using different port numbers, but that did not seem to work.
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<mikeAtUVa>youn: do you need them both open at once, or just want to have two separate instance?
youn: running at once, that is.12:25
<youn>I just want two separate instances; they don't need to be running at once.
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<mikeAtUVa>youn: in that case recommend stopping the first one, moving the data directory somewhere else and starting it again. You'll find it empty upon the second start because fcrepo4-data contains all the content in the repository
youn: basically that fcrepo4-data directory for the one-click-run *is* your repository... delete it to start over fresh, copy it to create a backup, etc.
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<youn>mikeAtUVa: Thanks. I cleared my browser cache and the problem went away.12:31
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[fcrepo-specification] awoods pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v9dPn
fcrepo-specification/master 790c6c1 Benjamin Armintor: update reference to RFC 2616 to RFC 7231 for HTTP 1.1 (#117)...
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<youn>mikeAtUVa: I also had to rename the directory as you said.
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<escowles>awoods/lsitu: i added a couple lines to https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Design+-+Import+-+Export#Design-Import-Export-Usecases in the "use cases" and the "use cases yet to be rolled into requirements" sections
<awoods>thanks, escowles.12:39
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<awoods>youn: here are some specific steps for running two one-clicks at the same time... if desired: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Sprint+3+Feedback+-+A+Woods#Sprint3Feedback-AWoods-Initialization
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<youn>thanks, awoods.
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<coblej>When I run Fedora 4.7.2 via one-click run, what database is it using?13:07
<escowles>coblej: an embedded h2
<coblej>escowles: is there a way to clear it out?
e.g., if I want to set my repo back to ground zero13:08
<escowles>the easiest way is to remove the data directory
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<awoods>all: I am going to be away for the remainder of the day.
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<coblej>escowles: I had done that but was still seeing nodes under rest/ ... turned out it was a browser cache issue ... thanks13:09
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<youn>I am trying to use pyenv with the local environment set to 3.5.2 but am getting: File "verify.py", line 21, in <module> from urllib.parse import urlparse, quote ImportError: No module named parse. I tried pip install urllib3 but am still getting the error.14:00
<coblej>Trying to load dataset from fcrepo-sample-dataset ... started up clean one-click Fedora 4.7.2 ... ran "mvn -Dfcrepo.url=http://localhost:8080/rest/ exec:java" as instructed ... no datasets loaded ... errors are "(FedoraInvalidNamespaceExceptionMapper) NamespaceExceptionMapper caught an exception: Prefix fcr has not been registered"14:19
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<coblej>I was able to load a couple of the additional datasets (LUBM and plant patents) using the instructions for them14:20
just not the "main" ones (cityOfHeavenlyFire, cress, etc.)14:21
<youn>Can one use the one-click option with repository configuration options https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FEDORA4x/Configuration+Options+Inventory#ConfigurationOptionsInventory-RepositoryConfigOptions? I am trying to look into https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-2438.14:22
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[fcrepo-import-export] escowles created delete-tombstones (+1 new commit): https://git.io/v9Feb
fcrepo-import-export/delete-tombstones 760e259 Esmé Cowles: Adding option to allow removing tombstones when re-importing over deleted resources
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[fcrepo-import-export] escowles opened pull request #76: Adding option to allow removing tombstones when re-importing over deleted resources (master...delete-tombstones) https://git.io/v9FvG
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i have a question about importing binary resources. it seems the import tool expects any non-rdf resources to have a .binary extension. Is this a Fedora restriction? Is it something that is configurable?
<escowles>it's an import-export client thing - we decided to just have all binaries end with .binary and all external content links end with .external14:50
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<escowles>we didn't really have any use cases for customizable extensions, but you can add one to the import-export design wiki page14:52
<bridgetalmas>ok thanks.14:53
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