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[fcrepo-specification] escowles opened pull request #115: Updating editors list, creating contributors section (master...editors-list) https://git.io/v9D7K
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Sorry I fell out of the call, everyone. My VoIP failed me.11:49
<whikloj>no worries11:52
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* ajs6f is muted because of noise in my office.
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* ajs6f enjoys talkig about himself in the third person
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apb18: i'm here!
<whikloj>ajs6f also likes to talk about himself in the thirdish person
hmm I did that wrong
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<ajs6f>whikloj likes to talk about ajs6f in the fourth person13:03
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<whikloj>yeah ajs6f
<dhlamb>ajs6f++ apb18++13:09
<ajs6f>It was almost entirely apb1813:10
Blueprint is a wheelbarrow of neuroses.13:11
<whikloj>I'm just starting to get blueprint to work for me, now I learn we should be using something else.13:12
<dhlamb>whikloj, in the same boat, buddy13:13
<whikloj>dhlamb: misery loves company :)
whikloj: Haven't you ever been in a bad relationship?
<dhlamb>string manip--13:21
apb18, I'm doing that RIGHT NOW. I may just have to use that.13:23
<ajs6f>Convenience and dispatch in one package? That's API-X!13:35
<ajs6f>Sorry, I ran on about that a good bit.13:37
got to run out of he office for five minutes, bbs13:40
<dhlamb>apb18, no problems here13:41
<whikloj>apb18: its fine
<ajs6f>I missed this part, but if there is work to be done to get the resources-> named graphs indexer working, I would be happy to pitch in on that.13:45
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[fcrepo-specification] acoburn closed pull request #98: Update editor list, add acknowledgements section (master...editor_list) https://git.io/v9ywZ
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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor opened pull request #116: Clarify Resource Authorization is a refinement of WAC/Solid (master...issue-101) https://git.io/v9yMq
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[fcrepo-specification] barmintor opened pull request #117: update reference to RFC 2616 to RFC 7231 for HTTP 1.1 (master...issue-104) https://git.io/v9STH
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