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Hi, I have a FCR instance (under Hydra) that I upgraded from 3.5.1 to
Unfortunately, I missed the best practice change/addition of setting "fedora-node-types.cnd" in the repository.json config file.11:37
Now when I start up my FCR, I get errors like this "ERROR 16:51:15.758 (RepositoryNodeTypeManager) Node types were read from the system content, and appear to be inconsistent or invalid:"
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<ejbivona>"repo org.modeshape.jcr.value.ValueFormatException: Error converting "ns015:Collection" from String to a Name at org.modeshape.jcr.value.basic.NameValueFactory.create(NameValueFactory.java:157)
Is there anything I can do to fix this problem with my repository?11:40
<kefo>Do we have any idea on how many people use blank nodes in their data? I guess anyone who used rdf:List would have them.11:42
<whikloj>ejbivona: sorry do you mean Fedora 3.5.1 -> 3.7.1 or is that a Hydra version?
<ejbivona>Fedora 3.5.1 -> 3.7.1, by way of 3.6.x because of the Infinispan(?)/Modeshape changes.11:43
<whikloj>ejbivona: ok so that would be 4.5.1 -> 4.7.1, but I understand. The modeshape change was at 4.7.0, so you did complete an export/import of your repository there correct?11:45
<ejbivona>whikloj: Yes, sorry, it was the 4 series, my bad. I did a backup and restore before that point.11:46
<dhlamb>honestly, i could benefit from a refresher11:49
<whikloj>ejbivona: ok and have you updated your respository.json config to use any custom namespaces you have, including (I think) "test:" ?11:52
<ejbivona>@whikloj I do have namespaces.cnd file that my repository.json points to. I don't have a namespace for "test:" in there, though.11:54
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<whikloj>ejbivona: so the namespace ns015 that is referenced in your error message, do you know what that should be?11:57
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<ejbivona>whikloj: I'm afraid I don't, and I'm not sure how to find out.12:05
<whikloj>ejbivona: Have you tried to stand up a Fedora 4.6.1 with your exported data and if that works you could generate a list of your namespaces?12:08
<ejbivona>whikloj: I suppose so. I'm not sure how to generate a list of namespaces, though.12:09
<whikloj>ejbivona: I am guessing here, as I don't use Hydra. But I bet "ns015:Collection" is "pcdm:Collection"12:10
ejbivona: You might also want to checkout the #hydra IRC or Slack channels as they would be more familiar with your data model.12:11
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<ejbivona>whikloj: Okay, that makes sense. I'll try adding the pcdm namespace to my namespace.cnd file, and see if that helps. Thanks!12:13
<whikloj>ejbivona: no problem
<dhlamb>awoods, minutes are up12:16
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<dhlamb>awoods, omw13:01
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<escowles>awoods: i can't join the api spec call — i tried incognito mode (which has worked for me sometimes when i hit this issue)
<barmintor_>awoods: I don't know yet
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<awoods>escowles: can you use a phone?
<escowles>awoods: sure
<barmintor_>awoods: I'll send you a pdf
<escowles>oh wait, i was trying the hangout url, but i think that's another meeting...13:04
<awoods>escowles: Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035
Participant Code: 479307#
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<whikloj>FIGHT FIGHT
<barmintor_>no fighting13:08
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<dhlamb>i concur13:16
that's the only way13:19
<barmintor_>awoods: I was going to ask whether this was intended to be a recurring meeting, fwiw13:20
<escowles>i'm fine with weekly, until we find ourselves short of issues to work through13:21
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<whikloj>or think slowle13:26
or think slowly
<barmintor_>I think the important thing here is how the spec will adapt to issues that don't meet the vote threshold.
ie, how do we drop things.
<apb18>btw, as a contributor (who is sometimes slow, and has ebbs and flows), I like a "waiting period" for last-minute comments/questions. That's not the fastest approach, however13:29
<barmintor_>apb18: so do I
<zimeon>+1 on a (few day) wait period13:30
<escowles>i think maybe there's a sliding scale: when everybody firmly agrees, i'm not opposed to moving quickly, but when there isn't consensus, how do we resolve that?
<escowles>so maybe we have +1 for agreement, +0 for ambivalence, and -1 for veto, and if there are any +0s, then we should wait longer before merging/whatever action is appropriate?13:31
<zimeon>I think it is a responsibility of the editorial group to decide how to move forward in the case of lack of consensus. Can the issue be ignored/droped, or is a decision (by simple majority in the limit) necessary, for example13:32
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<barmintor_>I think 72 bours sounds like a nice compromise, zimeon++
<escowles>72 hours sounds good and would span the weekend too13:39
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<barmintor_>afk real quick
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<dhlamb>sounds fine to me13:49
sorry, i dropped13:50
i'm back
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<barmintor_>no, it's ok13:52
it's an inevitable consequence of conference calls13:53
<escowles>i think the "whitespace" is maybe a product of people not having strong opinions about some of these things
<barmintor_>we can't see each other.
god no, I hate video calls.
well said13:54
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<escowles>it is a price of doing business — and it's probably cheaper than flying us all somewhere to have an in-person discussion
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<escowles>i'm going to drop off and re-connect to see if it improves my sounds quality
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<youn>Hi, Osman. You're readme for the Quicksearch vagrant set up has been very useful. I don't have your current email.14:03
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<osmandin>youn: Hi, Youn. Nice to hear from you. I'll email shortly. Thanks.14:04
<benpennell>looks good to me14:05
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<dhlamb>apb18, ping15:39
<dhlamb>apb18, when api-x makes its calls to fedora to lookup the underlying service, does it pass along the authorization headers sent in the original request?15:40
apb18, from the documentation, i see it passes them along to the service after it resolves it, but i'm asking about the requests against fedora15:41
<apb18>Yes, requests to Fedora are really no different in that regard
<dhlamb>apb18, fantastic
apb18, bit of a last minute panic after asking folks to work on api-x related tasks15:42
apb18, thanks
<apb18>dhlamb: No problem at all. I don't think there's specifically an IT that verifies auth headers specifically. If any headers (auth or otherwise) aren't being passed on; and proxies aren't specifically allowed to mess with them, then it's a bug. The only headers I know API-X does mess with is transfer encoding (i.e. deciding to use chunked encoding regardless of what the underlying resource decides to do)15:45
<dhlamb>apb18, good to know. the api-x integration work is starting to take shape, so we'll let you know if we run across anything.15:47
<apb18>dhlamb: excellent!15:48
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<barmintor_>awoods: ping?15:58
<barmintor_>awoods: I think you missed a PM
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