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hi all, was there a change to the ldb:contains output when making curl calls in 4.7.x?14:41
for example, in the current 4.7 release, when making a GET request via curl to the root node, will ldp:contains have *all* the child resources in the repo or just the first 100?>14:42
<whikloj>awead: Going from memory here but I think just the first 100, you get more with a Prefer header14:43
<awead>ok. the reason I'm asking is that we're seeing substantial response times between two identical (in version) Fedora repos. My theory is that one has more resources than the other, so a GET request to the root node would take longer because there's more stuff in it14:44
I thought it was only the UI that returned the first 100...
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<informatician>awead: technically it's 4.6 on one server and 4.7 on the other, in case that might end up being significant.
<awead>OH! you didn't tell me that...14:49
<informatician>awead: had to keep something back to keep you interested ;)14:51
<awead>Fall for that one. Every. time.14:52
<awead>but, my question still stands, as my colleagues were under the impression that the ldp:contains is limited to 100 in the ttl response. I thought it wasn't and still returned a big-ol long triple with everything in your repo.14:53
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<whikloj>awead: I think you are correct. Looks like 100 for text/html requests or you can specify a "Limit" header. But otherwise you should get them all14:59
<awead>whikloj: nice. thanks for checking... appreciate it!15:00
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