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[fcrepo-specification-atomic-operations] zimeon opened pull request #6: Links in README (master...readme_links) https://git.io/vSdx6
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<Linda>Andrew - I can't make next Monday (4/24) at 1 pm (Eastern) - but will look at notes on Wiki and IRC.12:33
<awoods>thanks, Linda12:34
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<mikeAtUVa>I won't be able to make a monday call next week..
<westgard>it works for me12:46
<benpennell>most of next week is okay for me
<Linda>@awoods on 4/24 I can do any morning time (eastern) through the noon hour.
<benpennell>so like exporting a diff?12:59
<escowles>benpennell: yes, something like that13:02
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<escowles>i think we would ideally like to wind up with a bag for the current state of the resource, plus a diff to get the previous state of the resource
i remember a CDL mini-spec that called this a reverse delta
<benpennell>"export to git repository"13:04
<escowles>yeah, if git handled large files better, that would be a good fit13:05
<benpennell>but yes that makes sense, at first i was trying to picture what a bag of a diff of a bag would be used for
<Linda>Use case for the export diff - with APTrust if we import a bag with the same name, files within the bag with the same name are replaced, files with new names are added. Could take a long time with big files. Might want to overwrite the bag selectively - just overwrite the descriptive metadata if that is all that has changed. But we need an elegant mechanism for knowing what has changed.13:06
<escowles>looks like there is a (python) implementation of that reverse delta idea in a project called d-flat: https://github.com/edsu/dflat13:07
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<Linda>To add to my use case - we also need to know that the file or data within the bag has intentionally changed before overwriting the saved file within a bag with the same name at APTrust - thus the need for verification. We have actually resorted to always exporting bags with new names and keeping all old bags until we are sure of our verification methods.13:10
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is there a list of use cases for the import/export verification tool? didn't know about it before today and am still working through how we would apply it here14:47
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[fcrepo-specification-atomic-operations] awoods pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/vSFPM
fcrepo-specification-atomic-operations/master bf8cbde Simeon Warner: Links in README
fcrepo-specification-atomic-operations/master fdc3489 Andrew Woods: Merge pull request #6 from zimeon/readme_links...
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