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<kefo>That was me joining, late. Apologies.11:06
<ruebot>if barmintor is here, are we good to close https://github.com/fcrepo/fcrepo-specification/issues/41 ?
<barmintor>ruebot: IDK11:07
ruebot: I'm serious when I say that
* ruebot snorts
<barmintor>ruebot: IDK if the spec is usably complete if we don't have an idea of how to do it
<dhlamb>getting a bit max headroom, but i think i'm following you11:10
<ruebot>barmintor _is_ max headroom
<barmintor>I thik it also gets into the weirdness of the external-body MIME11:11
whch we have a very editorial interpretation of
we have to decide whether it's in scope, but we need the editors to explicitly ackowledge what deciding it's out of scope means11:13
I will harrass hydra about it tout suite.11:17
<dhlamb>i have an interest, but zero time. i know that's not helpful.
<barmintor>also I'm sorry if I sounded mean. I don't like sounding mean.11:18
<dwilcox>You never sound mean, barmintor
I think my aassignment of 1976 was "ben will raise this issue on the ldp list"11:19
<barmintor>you're very faint on the line, but the gist that I understand was that you were able to acheive a significant performance gain on hasMember by being less invested in readably ordered triples?11:29
oh, I see. That would line up with some of what PUL observed, too11:30
so there's a hypothesis that when you use a RDBMS backend, MODE doesn't use a cache, and also that the default size of the cache has a performance inflection around 10000 nodes11:31
<kefo>barmintor: That's what I understand11:32
<barmintor>kefo++ // thanks, my audio set up is perpetually busted
<kefo>Here's dbernstein's commit: https://github.com/dbernstein/fcrepo4/commit/f453a1da868c899ac6c71b901b87a8231ccb8c0711:34
I can say that I'll be up-ing the modeshape cache size in our test system, which several hundred thousand resources, and give this a whorl.11:36
<dhlamb>sounds promising11:37
<barmintor>IT HAS BEEN MET
<dhlamb>good form whikloj
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