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Hi, I was looking at the fcrepo documentation online and I couldn't find an answer to the question if it is possible to write an integrated image service that could access files in a fedora repo directly without going through the http rest api. Does anyone here know or has any pointers for more information? Thanks.11:39
<whikloj>robcast: Fedora is becoming an API to how to interact and there are multiple possibly implementations being tried/investigated so those interactions are (generally) REST-ful.11:44
robcast: However for the reference implementation (built on Modeshape) there is a java client that might be what you want?
<robcast>I read something about the filesystem layout of the reference implementation. I'll have a look at the java client.11:46
I really like the idea of separate service layers using rest but I would prefer to save one http roundtrip when accessing images its possible at all :-)11:48
<whikloj>robcast: You could store your images outside the Fedora repository and just reference it from Fedora11:50
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<robcast>does the external content also have fixity checking etc?
<whikloj>you know I think so, but I'm not sure... awoods, escowles ^^11:53
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no ^^
<escowles>robcast: no — if the content is external, you have to do fixity checking externally too
<robcast>thanks for the information11:54
<whikloj>there you go, I learned something to
<robcast>does the fcrepo-java-client talk to the repo over http?
<escowles>we're planning on using ACE or something like it for external fixity checking https://wiki.umiacs.umd.edu/adapt/index.php/Ace:Main11:55
robcast: yes — right now it's all vanilla rest api calls
<robcast>So I would have to hack the default storage implementation (modeshape?) to get information about the "real" file location of a binary resource?12:00
hmm, looking at the jcr documentation, it seems that getting at files is non-trivial ;-) Thanks so far.12:47
<escowles>robcast: you should be able to calculate the location of a file if you know the fedora binary directory and the file's sha1 checksum13:04
e.g., it's /path/to/binary.directory/ab/cd/ef/gh/abcdefgh24e986ac86fdf7b36c94bcdf32beec1513:05
<robcast>is that part of modeshape or are binaries stored separately?13:06
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<escowles>that's part of modeshape
<robcast>i looked at the modeshape site and they said that their disk storage changed with version 5. which version does fcrepo use? does the binary layout change?13:09
<escowles>the modeshape config will specify a "persistence" section where metadata is stored (e.g. in a database) and a "binaryStorage" section where binaries are stored, see https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/blob/master/fcrepo-configs/src/main/resources/config/jdbc-postgresql/repository.json
but note the "minimumBinarySizeInBytes" property: binaries smaller than that are stored in the metadata cache, and properties larger than that are stored on disk13:10
<robcast>ah, I see.
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