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<barmintor>whikloj: don't get down, w3c specs are an intense read!10:32
<whikloj>barmintor: I assume they are meant to be like laws, you just choose your own interpretation.10:33
<barmintor>fwiw, I think that spec is not really ambiguous, but you have to follow the links to the other sections of the spec to clarfiy behaviors.10:34
<whikloj>fair point, I try to limit myself to one section an hour or I get a little light headed10:38
<barmintor>"spec drunk"10:41
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<bseeger>Hi awoods, I'm around if you want to check in on what's left to do with the release.11:07
* awoods on a call
bseeger: see spreadsheet
<bseeger>awoods: okay, I'll do that.
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:awoods I need to another test to confirm it. - about FCREPO-1979. not final yet.11:28
<ruebot>yinlin: a couple people in hydra slack were asking about feb perf/scale call - i created a stub page here: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2017-02-20+Performance+-+Scale+meeting
yinlin: feel free to move things around, and add whatever we need to follow-up on from the jan meeting11:29
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<yinlin>:ruebot got it. will do Thanks!
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[fcrepo4] bseeger pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: https://git.io/vMbxf
fcrepo4/gh-pages 5d6b333 bseeger: Adds links for 4.7.1 pages
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<yinlin>:ruebot do you or duraspace plan to apply AWS credit?
<ruebot>yinlin: i don't, but figured i would throw it out there to the group. might be productive.11:35
<yinlin>:ruebot Ok. That's a great idea. I have done that before.11:40
:awoods Ok. Confirmed. Please see the latest comment in FCREPO-197911:41
<awoods>yinlin: that is great, thanks.11:44
bseeger: I have a moment if a chat would be useful
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<awoods>bseeger: although it looks like you are good
<awoods>yinlin: should we revisit this ticket: https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-1973 ?11:48
yinlin: maybe we can un-Ignore the BibFrame test?
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<yinlin>awoods: was out for lunch. That ticket is too old I think. It is ideal to find the exact change which fix that issue but could take time. If you insist, you can create a new ticket about it and see who have the time to "git bisect" it as you mentioned before.13:11
<awoods>yinlin: my question is: can you remove the @Ignore and successfully run the BibFrame test.13:12
<yinlin>awoods: oh. I believe that's what I did in my first try last year
<awoods>yinlin: we are talking about this ticket, right? https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-197313:13
<yinlin>awoods: yes.
<awoods>yinlin: good. I do not see any comments from you on that ticket from this or last year.13:14
yinlin: did you look into the BibFrame test?
<yinlin>awoods: because it was a failed build. I didn't think worth to mention it.13:15
<awoods>yinlin: ok. Can you remove the Ignore and run the test now?
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<yinlin>awoods: build is failed after remove the Ignore and run the test13:33
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<awoods>yinlin: thanks
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[fcrepo-webapp-plus] dannylamb opened pull request #54: FCREPO-2384 (master...apple-trees-2384) https://git.io/vMAEn
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