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<ajs6f>barmintor: ping09:24
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<barmintor>ajs6f: slow pong10:23
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<barmintor>ajs6f: slow pong11:20
<ajs6f>barmintor: the structural "mirroring" to which you referred as a pro for Digest, that's, to me, an aesthetic issue.11:24
barmintor: I mean, I like that knd of thing, but it's not as important to me, y'know?
<barmintor>sure. same.
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are you leaning towards "complex" Expect, because that's where I'm going11:26
<apb18>awoods: ...ping!11:27
apb18: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/event/c1glu6soq43r1rr6ou17qtobug8
<barmintor>ajs6f: the complex Expect has the clearest HTTP status assignments and the least collision with existing specs AFAICT among the not-making-up-a-header options11:32
<ajs6f>barmintor: yup. And I expect (SEE THAT SEE HOW I DID THAT) that that is good as we are going to do.11:33
<barmintor>ajs6f: that said, I would have loved to discover IETF had introduced Accept-Digest or something
<ajs6f>barmintor: Maybe it's secretly a kind of Vary-ing11:34
Imagine probabilistic storage
<barmintor>I mean technically if it Vary: by anything it also Vary: Digest
<ajs6f>And you want to Vary it by a measure of error11:35
barmintor: The annoying thing (as you wrote yesterday) is that Digest is not ours and we don't get to use it for the advanced use cases I have
<barmintor>ajs6f: I was paraphrasing you from the listserv11:36
I mean, I agree
just know that you're agreeing with yourself by proxy
<ajs6f>I don't know what I said on the listserv, but only yesterday did I finally accept the sad truth that Digest is not what I believed it to be11:37
barmintor: the reality is that we are all only masks worn by Fedo Raadmin
<ruebot>ajs6f: "Digest is not what I believed it to be", oh?
<barmintor>it's a more opinionated header spec than I anticpated, for sure11:38
<ajs6f>and this whole project is just Fedo talking to himself
ruebot: I thought it was more flexible in its semantics than it is
<ruebot>ajs6f: example?
<barmintor>ruebot: it's defined as a digest of the instance indicated by the request URI and cache-control headers11:39
<ajs6f>ruebot: The digest has to be in the header. Not linked therefrom
<barmintor>ruebot: so I think it's also not a fragmentary digest
<ajs6f>I don't even really want it to _be_ the digest, I want it to _point_ at the digest, and that's not really what they meant11:40
alos thart
<ajs6f>Alos Thart is one of Fedo Raadmin's closeest collaborators. She leads a researcg group working on an implementation of Fedora using 3 x 5 index cards.11:41
<ruebot>so, does that mean options 3 & 4 are out?
<ajs6f>And many small children.
<ruebot>oh. new comments on the doc.
* ruebot reads
<barmintor>ruebot: I think it affirms 3 & 4, fwiw11:42
<ruebot>barmintor: oh, that's good. i guess i was reading it backward then. i seem to be good at that :-)
<barmintor>ruebot: but 3 still kind of perverts the intent of the Digest/Want-Digest spec
so :-/11:43
barmintor: Fedora is all about managing EXPECTATIONS.
barmintor: THIS IS GOLD.
* barmintor doesn't engage11:44
* ajs6f hates it when people take the high road, because he must part ways with them
* ruebot snorts
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