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<HackmasterA>Hi is this the back channel for the call today?
I'm lurking it
<barmintor>I hope so, it's why I'm here
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<barmintor>cool, cool. good.10:07
ajs6f has offered good use cases about why validity is the wrong concept (and bitwise verification might be, but that we shouldn't call that validation)10:09
but I think we need to reiterate it
"you get a number back" is a key observation
<HackmasterA>are there use cases or are we specifying from thin air?10:14
<ajs6f>HackmasterA: Do you have use cases that you would like to discuss?10:16
<HackmasterA>ajs6f: not at this level; at the level of a hydra UI, yes.10:17
<ajs6f>HacmastA: Okay, but that seems like a matter better raised with Hydra, no?
<HackmasterA>ajs6f: yep.
<ajs6f>There is doubt.10:18
There is uncertainty.
There is ambiguity.
<dhlamb>awoods, and i heard ruebot say it should be stored, as well10:20
<acoburn>ajs6f: RFC 3230
<ajs6f>That is key.10:21
It's not "is this needed", it's "is it Fedora that must do it."10:22
<dhlamb>ruebot, or letting people re-invent that wheel in response to a repository fixity event
<barmintor>I do think there's something appealing in a combination of Want-Digest + Expect headers in the CRUD spec for LDP-NR
* ruebot agreed
<acoburn>RFC 3230 is all about transmission fixity
<apb18>The RFC only specifically mentions GET, if I remember correctly
<ajs6f>barmintor:ruebot: Agreed, so perhaps we're saying "let's cut this down to transmission, leaving on-demand alone"
<ruebot>ajs6f: yeah.
<barmintor>ajs6f: I *think* that Expect could be used to initiate a check
<barmintor>that's important to me as well as Duke, fwiw10:24
<ruebot>that's important to me as well
<dhlamb>well, RAID 1 and btrfs... or schlep it to AWS
<ruebot>the problem with that, is it is _very_ costly, and that can be done more efficiently somewhere else
<barmintor>ruebot: if costly things are initiated by the client, that's OK with me10:25
<ajs6f>I'm disappointed by how clear and audible barmintor is.
Interaction, not implementation10:26
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<barmintor>coblej: that's useful to know, it's very helpful10:33
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<ajs6f>Any rags, any bones, any bottles today?10:38
<barmintor>wrap your special topics call in chicken wire
<apb18>Would an integration based fcrepo-camel-* meet that priodic check use case?10:41
<ajs6f>That sounds like a job fo fcrepo-camel
Same thought.
<ruebot>i think it would
<acoburn>something like this: https://github.com/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-camel-toolbox/tree/master/fcrepo-fixity
<ruebot>we do that in islandora 1.x now10:42
<barmintor>acoburn++ ding ding
<ruebot>...and i think that would be suited very well to camel in fcrepo4
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<barmintor>I have to run and give the transit authority another crack at ruining my day. awoods let me know if writing a more minimal header-driven draft up would be useful.
I don't know who this Dabarmintor is.
<barmintor>should at least write up a preamble incorporating this stuff from ajs6f and acoburn about external storage and transparency
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<dhlamb>i'm comfortable with where we've landed10:50
<ajs6f>Fedora: We don't want to hurt anyone.10:54
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<ajs6f>I have no tasks. That was truly a great meeting.10:58
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[fcrepo-java-client] awoods closed pull request #16: Add (master...FCREPO-2031) https://git.io/v6BoG
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