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<ruebot>ajs6f: that's pretty excellent!08:26
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<ajs6f>acoburn1: We have a separate FcrepoResponse in that client why? So that we're agnostic to the underlying HTTP client?10:51
<acoburn1>ajs6f: it was more just a convenience when I wrote it10:53
ajs6f: these were all internal classes after all
ajs6f: I'm open to any and all refactoring of the java client (so long as it runs in OSGi)10:54
<ajs6f>acoburn1: Do we dare just commit to Apache HTTP? Other people _have_ asked about using other clients.
<acoburn1>ajs6f: honestly, the current java client doesn't add a lot of functionality over a simple HTTP client (mostly it restricts features)10:56
ajs6f: if I were going to do any serious coding against the Fedora HTTP client, I'd probably _not_ use the fcrepo-java-client
<ajs6f>acoburn1: Agreed. That's why my feeling was that whatever was worth bpennel's time would include a fluent builder. Thar's _some_ kind of added value.10:57
acoburn1: We last looked at LDP clients out there a year or more ago. Maybe it's time to check again.
<acoburn1>ajs6f: yes, it's probably time to check again
<ajs6f>I'll look under my couch cushions.10:58
<acoburn1>I can look in my garage, there's a lot of stuff in there
<ajs6f>The true repositories of content for the scholarly record.
<ajs6f>I'll add it to the laundry list of agenda items for tomorrow's meeting. I doubt we'll get to it, but it will bubble up the list slowly.
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mikeAtUVa: do you remember FCR3 not creating an audit datastream if an object was ingested from foxml without it?16:49
<mikeAtUVa>barmintor: I don't remember. Do you mean it doesn't create one, even later when you perform events that should result in an update to the audit trail?16:52
* mikeAtUVa wonders if barmintor is going to make a new version of fedora 3 just to support his current task.16:53
<barmintor>no way
and I'm not sure. the whole point of this task is to collect a bunch of updates into the ingest operation16:54
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