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<whikloj>barmintor: how is the gh-pages going?09:41
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<barmintor>whikloj: I brought the laptop in to work on it today, was getting a weird error overnight10:35
<whikloj>barmintor: not the normal API limit one?10:36
<barmintor>whikloj: no, a different one
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[fcrepo4] acoburn opened pull request #1033: Use a userspace lastmodified property instead of jcr:lastModified (master...fcrepo-1742) https://git.io/vwHt2
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<whikloj>barmintor: gh-pages seems to be the combination of the various /site directories for fcrepo4 and each submodule. Do you think we could manually build a filesystem and push a commit?10:37
* barmintor shrugs
whikloj: this is what I meant by "learning more about how that mvn goal works" yesterday10:38
whikloj: but day job is calling
<whikloj>barmintor: yeah, I hear you
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[fcrepo4] acoburn closed pull request #917: Using userspace last-modified property (master...lastmod) https://git.io/vCRgU
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<ajs6f>whiklj: Yes, you can do that, but make sure you get relative links right. The Maven site goal is actually about _building_ the site (making HTML). The gh-pages thing is separate.12:24
<whikloj>ajs6f: so could we separate the two then. Let the mvn site goal operate, but avoid the site-deploy?12:40
I mean anything is possible, but is that a functional alternative. When I look in the target directories after a site-deploy they are not merged together, so the github plugin must deal with arranging subdirectories12:42
<ajs6f>whikloj: No, I think the Github plugin (at least when I have used it) just pushes stuff to Github. That would mean that the subdirectories are getting merged just by being pushed to the same place. But the last time I set it up was year ago, so maybe it does other things now.12:43
<whikloj>ajs6f: ok, when I have time (hahahaha) I'll see if I can learn how it works. Darn maven black magic.12:52
<ajs6f>whikloj: The declarative style cuts both ways. "Things just work" is the flip side of "Why did that happen?"12:53
<barmintor>Adam, you have said a bunch of smart stuff to me, but that might be my favorite
<ajs6f>barmintor: That's very sweet. I think. I can't remember what I've said to you over the years, so now I'm a bit worried.12:54
<barmintor>ajs6f: no, no I meant it goodly
<ajs6f>barmintor: Thank you. We'll see if you still like me after this versioning meeting/12:55
<barmintor>ajs6f: I'm pretty sure I won't temporarily, but I'll come back around like always.12:56
<ajs6f>barmintor: Beer in Dublin will solve all problems.
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Hey, whikloj.14:01
<bseeger>*is here*
<barmintor>coming coming
<whikloj>this is going to be the first ever conference call when the voice channel is redundant
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<azaroth>Can someone post a link to the Confluence page as well please?14:12
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<azaroth>Thanks ajs6f :)14:31
<whikloj>+1 to 7.2.1 with an optional header to either avoid/force a version creation, which seems alot like 7.2.214:33
<azaroth>+1 to advertise in place14:35
<whikloj>+1 ^^14:36
<ajs6f>I thin kthat was a pun.14:38
Did someone just join the call?14:45
<acoburn>ajs6f: that was me (had to drop off for a few minutes)14:46
<ajs6f>acoburn: Okay, cool.
<azaroth>+1 to not doing a half-arsed job :D15:01
+1 to respec15:07
<barmintor>I need just a minute, brb
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<whikloj>sounds good15:08
<azaroth>Example of respec document, pre generation: https://github.com/w3c/web-annotation/blob/gh-pages/model/wd2/index-respec.html
And the post-generation is w3.org/TR/annotation-model/15:09
<apb18>Sounds like the right kind of home for a published spec
<azaroth>Thanks to ajs6f for chairing, and Josh to minute taking!15:12
<ajs6f>Thanks to everyone for a really nice and productive meeting.
So much less screaming, cursing and blood than usual.
barmintor: I'm inclined to "accept" pretty much everything I am seeing in that doc— do you feel otherwise?15:13
I mean nope
that question is confusing
I too have that inclination
<ajs6f>barmintor: Hm. I am certainly confused, now.
<barmintor>ajs6f: I'm going to click accept on all of it15:14
<ajs6f>barmintor: Can you do that (batch accept)? Awesome!
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<barmintor>I thnim that's all of them.15:19
<ajs6f>barmintor: I dont see any more. I believe there is some way to find them / search them (suggestions) but I can't find it. Nerts.15:20
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<barmintor>there's still some significant questions outstanding, but it seems like we have enough consensus to move to an actual repo, right?15:27
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<acoburn>peichman: you probably saw this: https://github.com/acoburn/fcrepo-namespace-util15:43
peichman: would you be able to review it?
<peichman>acoburn: I am on non-Fedora work for this week and next
acoburn: After that I could definitely take a look at it15:44
<acoburn>peichman: that would be great, thanks!
<peichman>acoburn: I might be able to get to it sooner, but no promises
<ajs6f>barmintor: +1
<acoburn>peichman: no problem, I needed it for something and it worked for me, but it would be good for someone else to look at it
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