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<ruebot>awoods: https://github.com/blog/2144-gpg-signature-verification08:50
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[fcrepo4] acoburn closed pull request #1015: Add link headers to versioned resources (4.5.1-RC...fcrepo-1975) https://git.io/vV25x
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[fcrepo4] acoburn pushed 2 new commits to 4.5.1-RC: https://git.io/vVwcE
fcrepo4/4.5.1-RC ef5dd60 Andrew Woods: Add link headers to versioned resources...
fcrepo4/4.5.1-RC 15a0b26 Aaron Coburn: Merge branch 'awoods/fcrepo-1975' into 4.5.1-RC
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<acoburn>ruebot: I wasn't familiar with gpg signing of commits in github (I just got it set up)09:02
<ruebot>acoburn: yeah, same here. I didn't know that you could do it either.09:04
<acoburn>ruebot: I'll just need to remember to use the -S flag now
<ruebot>acoburn: yeah, same here :-)09:10
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<whikloj>awoods: I ran 4.5.1-RC-1 against what we have for CLAW testing and it seems to work.10:48
<awoods>whikloj: thanks, that is good news.10:49
<whikloj>awoods: Only thing I came across was a possible issue in supporting complex context in JSON-LD documents, but I think acoburn should verify.
I'm kinda new to JSON-LD
<awoods>whikloj: I am sure acoburn would help if you have details.10:50
<whikloj>awoods/acoburn: It appears that when using a JSON-LD like acoburn's response here https://git.io/vV2EY, the insertedContentRelation and hasMemberRelation are treated as literals and appended to the baseUrl for the request10:52
So I get a 400 Bad Request and10:56
javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: No node exists at path '/05/40/5f/a1/05405fa1-e6c5-4bb8-ae07-d6d4d599230a/proxyFor' in workspace "default"
javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: No node exists at path '/05/40/5f/a1/05405fa1-e6c5-4bb8-ae07-d6d4d599230a/hasMember' in workspace "default"
<acoburn>whikloj: I just updated my comment on the gist with the correct jsonld10:59
whikloj: sorry not to have tested it before :-)11:00
<whikloj>acoburn: ok, but I think your old syntax is correct based on the SPEC
<acoburn>whikloj: fair enough
whikloj: actually that's not correct11:01
<whikloj>acoburn: which is not correct
<acoburn>whikloj: try putting it into the json-ld playground, you'll see that hasMember expands to http://json-ld.org/playground/hasMember11:02
whikloj: assuming that the json-playground implements the spec correctly (which I do), then it would follow that you need to use prefixes for hasMember and proxyFor11:03
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<whikloj>acoburn: so you can only use "@type" : "@id" if the value is going to look like a URL? Ala Example 20 here https://www.w3.org/TR/json-ld/#h3_compact-iris
acoburn: or maybe only to define predicates11:04
<acoburn>whikloj: yes, with "@type" : "@id" you are instructing the JSON LD parser that you have a URI11:05
<whikloj>acoburn: ok, I think I get when you can use it.11:07
awoods: No problem with JSON-LD, move along11:08
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<awoods>barmintor... coming?12:02
<barmintor>awoods: yes
* barmintor loks for the link
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<barmintor>awoods: you're the best
<ajs6f>barmintor:awoods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3CDX3Q5UxY&feature=youtu.be&t=5512:22
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[fcrepo4] sprater opened pull request #1016: Ignore Bibframe IT test, pending resolution in FCREPO-1979 (4.5.1-RC...fcrepo-1973) https://git.io/vVrGF
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[fcrepo4] ajs6f pushed 2 new commits to 4.5.1-RC: https://git.io/vVrcx
fcrepo4/4.5.1-RC 9c7797e Scott Prater: Ignore Bibframe IT test, pending resolution in FCREPO-1979
fcrepo4/4.5.1-RC f016047 A. Soroka: Merge pull request #1016 from sprater/fcrepo-1973...
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<ajs6f>awoods: ^^^13:10
<awoods>ajs6f: thanks
<ajs6f>awoods: no, thank -you-. you're the BEST!13:11
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fcrepo4/fcrepo4#4399 (4.5.1-RC - f016047 : A. Soroka): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/compare/15a0b2687156...f016047386f2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/builds/121209382
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[fcrepo4] awoods tagged fcrepo-4.5.1-RC-2 at e1fe593: https://git.io/vVrz8
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[fcrepo4-vagrant] awoods tagged fcrepo4-vagrant-4.5.1-RC-2 at e959fd5: https://git.io/vVrzV
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[fcrepo-transform] awoods tagged fcrepo-transform-4.5.1-RC-2 at d4db99a: https://git.io/vVrzK
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[fcrepo-module-auth-webac] awoods tagged fcrepo-module-auth-webac-4.5.1-RC-2 at 4bece6e: https://git.io/vVrz1
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[fcrepo-webapp-plus] awoods tagged fcrepo-webapp-plus-4.5.1-RC-2 at d8aa658: https://git.io/vVrzy
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[fcrepo-mint] awoods tagged fcrepo-mint-4.5.1-RC-2 at bed47f4: https://git.io/vVrzS
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fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-mint#14 (fcrepo-mint-4.5.1-RC-2 - b82347f : Jared Whiklo): The build passed.14:03
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-mint/compare/fcrepo-mint-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-mint/builds/121221343
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fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-audit#82 (fcrepo-audit-4.5.1-RC-2 - e67b398 : Jared Whiklo): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-audit/compare/fcrepo-audit-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-audit/builds/121221207
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fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-webac#125 (fcrepo-module-auth-webac-4.5.1-RC-2 - 7f8c5ee : Jared Whiklo): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-webac/compare/fcrepo-module-auth-webac-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-webac/builds/121221232
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fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-xacml#103 (fcrepo-module-auth-xacml-4.5.1-RC-2 - 37d9dd4 : Aaron Coburn): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-xacml/compare/fcrepo-module-auth-xacml-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-xacml/builds/121221308
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fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-webapp-plus#120 (fcrepo-webapp-plus-4.5.1-RC-2 - 0085576 : Jared Whiklo): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-webapp-plus/compare/fcrepo-webapp-plus-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4-exts/fcrepo-webapp-plus/builds/121221329
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fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-rbacl#51 (fcrepo-module-auth-rbacl-4.5.1-RC-2 - eeb03ee : Jared Whiklo): The build passed.14:09
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-rbacl/compare/fcrepo-module-auth-rbacl-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4/fcrepo-module-auth-rbacl/builds/121221373
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fcrepo4/fcrepo4#4400 (fcrepo-4.5.1-RC-2 - f016047 : A. Soroka): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/compare/fcrepo-4.5.1-RC-2
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/builds/121221074
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<ajs6f> awoods: https://github.com/blog/2141-squash-your-commits14:38
awoods; Do you want to enable that?
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<awoods>ajs6f: according to ruebot from yesterday... it is enabled.
<ajs6f>awoods: Oh, cool.
<awoods>whikloj: two things: if you feel good about the RC and CLAW, please add a checkmark in the wiki: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Release+Testing+-+4.5.115:20
also, please update REST API documentation to reflect the correct status code on version creation: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FEDORA4x/RESTful+HTTP+API+-+Versioning15:21
<whikloj>awoods: ok and I already did15:22
201 Created15:23
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<ruebot>awoods: 8,758,393 containers so far. i'll let it keep running if you'd like.15:55
awoods: summary = 6330586 in 171495s = 36.9/s Avg: 24 Min: 6 Max: 57281 Err: 0 (0.00%) -- most recent summary15:56
<awoods>ruebot: please... let it run until failure
<ruebot>awoods: i do my best. i might have to kill the machine soon for work on my grant. but ian is cool with me letting it run longer. i might get away with letting it run while i'm iceland next week if it is still going.15:57
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quick question about the fcrepo-reindexing camel route: is there a config setting to get it to listen on localhost? it is currently binding to the external IP address for the server instead of localhost16:03
<bseeger>peichman: have you edited the org.fcrepo.camel.reindexing.cfg file?16:06
<peichman>bseeger: yeah, but the only setting I saw in there was the for the port
<bseeger>peichman: you want to look for fedora.baseUrl16:07
peichman:wait, I'm actually not sure about that…16:08
peichman: and I have to leave… sorry
<peichman>bseeger: wouldn't fedora.baseUrl be for connecting to Fedora?
<bseeger>peichman: yeah, sorry, I misunderstood your question and can't help you very much.16:10
<peichman>bseeger: no worries16:11
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[fcrepo4-vagrant] awoods pushed 1 new commit to 4.5.1-RC: https://git.io/vVrj1
fcrepo4-vagrant/4.5.1-RC 4879d91 Andrew Woods: Update config for 4.5.1 RC-2 testing
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[fcrepo4-vagrant] awoods force-pushed fcrepo4-vagrant-4.5.1-RC-2 from e959fd5 to 8f421c7: https://git.io/vVrzV
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<whikloj>awoods: FCREPO-1832 PR (https://git.io/vVGK5) if you want for this release, otherwise it could be closed as FCREPO-1965 will take precedence.16:28
<ruebot>awoods: confirmed with ian. i can let it run through next week. will need to kill it by the 17th/18th if it is still hopping along.16:30
<awoods>ruebot: thanks
whikloj: let's target 1832 for post-4.5.1
<whikloj>awoods: that's fine, as I said FCREPO-1965 would override it.16:31
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