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<jcoyne>Does anyone know what This error might be? 409 The repository type (http://fedora.info/definitions/v4/repository#Container) of this resource is system managed.16:15
<whikloj>jcoyne: I believe that happens because you can't alter server managed properties16:16
<jcoyne>I'm willing to belive that, but this is a new resource.16:17
I'm not sure that I'm setting that predicate
<whikloj>jcoyne: are you supplying RDF with the resource?
<whikloj>if it contains any fedora: namespaced properties, you might want to try removing them
<jcoyne>Yes, I'm fairly certain there are none16:20
<whikloj>then I would try pairing it down to a very minimal RDF document, if that works start adding pieces back in. Slow but if there is no clear cause that would do it.16:23
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<jcoyne>Okay, I was just wondering if anyone else saw this issue .16:28
The reason this is interesting is that I put 20 jobs though and 6 got this error.16:34
the other 14 went through just fine
I'm wondering if it's a timing issue.
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