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[fcrepo4] acoburn opened pull request #977: remove jcr.Property from fcrepo-kernel-api (master...fcrepo-1894) https://git.io/vgcKE
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Not going to make the API-X call. Banging on more OR proposals. Love and kisses to everyone on the call.14:06
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Hi, maybe this is not the right place for my question, but since so many semantic aware folks are around maybe someone has a thought on this:15:49
What would you use to rdf type an OWL ontology inside an LDP container?
I know this can sound strange, since Ontologies normally have a fully qualified URI15:50
But, i'm searching for the correct/best accepted way to describe a full (in terms of the whole thing, not in terms of DL; Lite, FULL) OWL ontology contained/described by an Fedora4 resource15:51
i think owl:Ontology would suffice?15:52
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<diegopino>Ok, succeded defining the Ontology definition, but since #fragmetns are not Referenceable nodes, the rest of the tripples fail. (for object properties, etc)16:24
<ajs6f>diegopino: Can you back out and explain the larger use case?16:25
<diegopino>ajs6f: hi. Well use case. I'm trying to mimic in LDP/fedora4 what i do in Fedora3. In fedora3 i store Ontologies in the repo (object -> datastream) and parse, reuse them. but they are datastreams. Since Fedora4 is rdf16:26
i thought i could store my ontologies there as native resources16:27
But OWL/rdfs specs define for example object properties as fragments of the main ontology URI right?16:28
<ajs6f>diegopino: I have never seen anything in any OWL or RDFS spec that requires the use of particular syntactical forms for URIs. Can you point me to what you are thinking of?16:29
<diegopino>and i guess fragments in LDP specs/or fedora4 ones are dealt by the Rest API, but you can't use them as @id (json-ld)
Ok, lets say my Ontology's URI/resource path/@id is http://localhost:8080/rest/ontology116:30
In the ontology definition (the body of it) i have an owl:class16:31
<ajs6f>diegopino: Okay, let's say that.
<diegopino> "@id": "http:/localhost:8080/rest/ontology1#Occurrence",16:32
"@type": [
], "http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#comment": [
"@value": "An Occurrence of an biological Individual"
I hope this does not count as flooding
<ajs6f>diegopino: Why are you using hash uris? Why not use LDP containment (http:/localhost:8080/rest/ontology1/Occurrence?)
<diegopino>ajs6f: really because it's in the specs. But i have no particular reason. The thing is the class definition is not an additional resource, it's part of the main one16:35
ajs6f: but i see where you are heading one. I can't store a graph as an single resource16:36
ajs6f: and here comes the paradox: in owl a class can't be an individual.16:37
<ajs6f>diegopino: That's a syntactical convenience. Itf you have LDP resource inside a basic container the lifecycle of the contained thing will be no larger than the lifecycle of the container and that's all you're really getting out of #.
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<ajs6f>diegopino: There' is no problem with the no-punning rule here.
<diegopino>ajs6f: right. Makes sense, so i would have to make my ontology LDP contained, defining individual resources for each property, class, etc.16:38
<ajs6f>diegopino: yes. Also, thinking about what you mean by OWL {grin}: https://www.w3.org/TR/owl2-new-features/#F12:_Punning
diego[pino: Enjoy freedom.16:39
<diegopino>ajs6f: jajaja…i'm already tasting it. Will stick to OWL2
<ajs6f>diegopino: You know that famous apocryphal quote from David WHeeler; ""All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indirection, except of course for the problem of too many indirections.""
<diegopino>ajs6f: jajajajja
<ajs6f>diegopino: There is a quote from Fedo Raadmin: "All repository problems can be solved by making your object model finer-grained."16:40
<diegopino>ajs6f++. Both quotes make sense this friday
ajs6f: Thanks to freedom i have this solved now. This will make my weekend16:41
<ajs6f>diegopino++ weekend++++++++++
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<diegopino>ajs6f: now into putting all my ontologies into Fedora4 and enjoying reasoning. You will get a few beers from me at OR
<ajs6f>diegopino: Be careful. You will give Fedora 4 a reputation for being a useful citizen in the Semantic Web, and we don't want that.16:43
<diegopino>ajs6f: very grateful adam, why was i stuck to OWL1? who knows…getting old16:44
<ajs6f>diegopino: Fedora sharpens your cutting edge.16:45
ajs6f: ok, have to eat. Thanks for hearing my stuff. See you around16:49
<ajs6f>diegopino: np. I'm off to grill, myself.16:50
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