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<ajs6f>all: Does anyone feel like a call today?10:03
<whikloj>ajs6f: are you trying to avoid one?10:21
<ajs6f>whikloj: I am already avoiding it. The question is whether you can stop me from not doing something that I am already finished not doing.10:22
<whikloj>ajs6f: I have no pressing issues to discuss, so I'm fine skipping a week.10:24
ajs6f: do we need to put a message out to the list?10:25
<ajs6f>whikloj: Then you have failed to prevent me from successfully failing to attend the meeting that isn't happening. Or, if you think about it the other way round, you have successfully avoided going to a meeting, so good for you.
<ajs6f>whikloj: I'll leave that to dwilcox, but I don't think so.
<bseeger>*feeling sad that @ajs6f has been prevented from successfully failing at something*10:26
<ajs6f>bseeger: No, it's okay. I relish the opportunity to sacrifice my success on the alter of a greater failure.10:27
<whikloj>bseeger: you do have the power to upset the balance of inertia holding ajs6f and help get him across the finish line10:32
the finish line of failure that is
<dwilcox>ajs6f / whikloj : I think it would be a good idea to send a quick note to fedora-tech if there won't be a call today just so no one calls in and waits on the phone line. We should also create a new wiki page for next week's meeting in case anyone has agenda items they'd like to add between now and then10:34
<ajs6f>dwilcox: Did you just volunteer for that?
<bseeger>whikloj: happy to help where I can. H
<whikloj>I'll create the wiki page if you'll send out a note dwilcox
<bseeger>dwikcox: it's good music though. Well, better then the last service.10:35
dwilcox, that is.
<dwilcox>whikloj : sure, let me know when you've created the wiki page and I'll paste a link in the message
<whikloj>dwilcox: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2016-02-04+-+Fedora+Tech+Meeting10:37
<dwilcox>whikloj : that looks like an agenda for today's call, which we just decided to cancel...10:38
<whikloj>dwilcox: doh?!
<dwilcox>whikloj: you can just rename the page with next week's date10:39
<whikloj>dwilcox: yep https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/2016-02-11+-+Fedora+Tech+Meeting
<dwilcox>whikloj: thanks
<ajs6f>whikloj++ bseeger++ dwilcox++ meetings—
<whikloj>dwilcox: thanks for sending out the note and helping ajs6f achieve his dream off skipping a meeting10:40
<ajs6f>whikloj: No dream now. It's the sweet reality I'm living.
<dwilcox>I'm always happy to have fewer meetings
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<ajwagner>Alrighty then, bonus hour!10:47
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<jrgriffiniii>Hello everyone, a quick question: has anyone been maintaining or extended https://github.com/yinlinchen/fcrepo4-docker ?10:49
(I do not believe that Yinlin is currently in the channel, so this is just out of curiousity before the next call)
<ajwagner>I don't believe so.10:50
<jrgriffiniii>ajwagner: Understood, thank you10:51
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<ajwagner>I've been working on some chef cookbooks, but I seem to recall that you're a puppet person ;)
<jrgriffiniii>ajwagner: The current workflow seems to be that Docker images shall provide the "base" environment, with Puppet being used to layer additional services10:53
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<jrgriffiniii>ajwagner: I'm aware that the Docker ecosystem likely offers some superior solution to this approach (e. g. Compose), but these are architectural limitations over which I have more limited control
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<ajwagner>jrgriffiniii: We all must deal with the limitations of our environments.10:56
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Hi, does anyone knows if the F4 REST API (on GET) Accept-Post header (response) list all currently accepted content types for rdf representations?11:33
<ajs6f>diegopino: I don't know. But are you looking for a particular serialization?
diegopino: F4 should be able to handle just about anything that Apche Jena can.11:34
<diegopino>ajs6f: hi, thanks, not, i'm automatizing our microservices api
ajs6f: to avoid having those hardcoded in the code
<ajs6f>diegopino: Cool. Well, if it doesn't (advertise the accepted languages) it should, so if you find out it doesn't, please file a ticket.11:35
<diegopino>ajs6f: Cool, testing now.11:37
<ajs6f>diegopino: thanks!
<diegopino>ajs6f: maybe it's me (using 4.4 to test, will switch to 4.5) but i don't see json and flavours in the list11:39
Accept-Post: text/turtle,text/rdf+n3,text/n3,application/rdf+xml,application/n-triples,multipart/form-data,application/sparql-update
<ajs6f>diegopoino: might as well file a ticket.11:40
<diegopino>ajs6f: will confirm first before making myself a fool, thanks11:45
<ajs6f>diegopino: np, but don't be afraid to file. If you include a sequence of actions (requests and responses) demonstrating the problem, so much the better.11:46
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<diegopino>ajs6f: github issue or directly jira ticket? Confirmed, post allows ld+json for creating rdf resources, but is not listed in Accept-Post header, 4.4 and 4.512:32
By the way, is Accept-Post still a draft or official? Would love to have Accept-Put(not a draft even i think) there too.12:33
<dwilcox>diegopino: JIRA tickets are preferred - when someone files a GitHub issue we usually transfer it to JIRA12:38
<ajwagner>diegopino: Accept-Post was abandoned because the core of the draft was included in the W3C LDP spec.12:40
diegopino: https://www.w3.org/TR/2015/REC-ldp-20150226/#header-accept-post
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<diegopino>ajwagner: thanks, great to know. Did put get a chance? =)
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<ajwagner>diegopino: I.. don't think so but can't say with certainty.12:48
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<diegopino>ajwagner: ok, thanks. ajs6f, Jira created: thanks https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/FCREPO-188713:04
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<ajs6f>deigopino: Thanks for the ticket— users are our eyes! diegopino++14:09
<diegopino>ajs6f: =)14:10
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<peichman>are there any best practices in the Fedora community for creating custom error pages (403, 404, etc.) for the fcrepo-webapp?16:22
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<ajwagner>peichman: We have Varnish serve ours.16:57
<peichman>ajwagner: I found a Tomcat solution that aliases an external /error path into the fcrepo webapp17:00
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[fcrepo4] awoods pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vgGxe
fcrepo4/master e1b6079 Andrew Woods: Update LICENSE.txt
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[fcrepo4] acoburn opened pull request #974: remove /fcr:nodetypes endpoint (master...fcrepo-1890) https://git.io/vgZJC
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<64MAAYGZB>Yippee, build fixed!
Project fcrepo4 build #3199: FIXED in 16 min: http://jenkins.fcrepo.org/job/fcrepo4/3199/
awoods: Update LICENSE.txt
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[fcrepo4] acoburn opened pull request #975: remove jcr.Binary from the kernel-api (master...fcrepo-1891) https://git.io/vgZUO
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[fcrepo4] acoburn closed pull request #324: reusable acl nodes (master...erjaccessrole1) https://git.io/vgZUz
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[fcrepo4] acoburn closed pull request #360: Javadoc warnings (master...javadoc-warnings) https://git.io/QOOduQ
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[fcrepo4] awoods closed pull request #975: remove jcr.Binary from the kernel-api (master...fcrepo-1891) https://git.io/vgZUO
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fcrepo4/fcrepo4#4249 (master - 7cfd64c : Andrew Woods): The build passed.
Change view : https://github.com/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/compare/e1b6079641ff...7cfd64c4348f
Build details : https://travis-ci.org/fcrepo4/fcrepo4/builds/107125954
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[fcrepo4] acoburn opened pull request #976: remove javax.jcr.AccessDeniedException from kernel-api (master...fcrepo-1893) https://git.io/vgZyt
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