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<awoods>ajs6f: ping10:44
<awoods>ajs6f: I was thinking the following page may be better located somewhere else: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/Events/Specifying+the+Fedora+API10:46
<ajs6f>awoods: Put it wherever you want. Just tell me where, because those are my lecture notes.
<mikeAtUVa>anyone not at UVA having trouble connecting to github?10:47
<awoods>ajs6f: would it make sense as a child page of: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Assessment+Plan+-+REST+API10:48
<whikloj>mikeAtUVa: no seems ok to me
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[fcrepo-camel] mikedurbin pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/jl8y
fcrepo-camel/gh-pages 5978eb8 Mike Durbin: Added theme and root index page.
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<mikeAtUVa>whikloj: cool... I stopped getting timeouts too...10:49
<awoods>ajs6f: eventually, I would like to move these (or similar thoughts) under the RoadMap: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Roadmap
mikeAtUVa: works on my side
<whikloj>mikeAtUVa: I did have some problems with authentication earlier, but worked itself up
<ajs6f>awoods: I really don't care. Whatever you like.10:50
awoods: I had not intention of using it for anything but this session.
<mikeAtUVa>awoods: any idea why the camel generated site has a different generated theme than the others? http://fcrepo4.github.io/fcrepo-camel/site/4.1.1/index.html10:53
<awoods>ajs6f: new location: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Specifying+the+Fedora+API10:54
<ajs6f>awoods: a-okay by me
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: yes, because we have not Fedora-ized it
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[fcrepo-message-consumer] mikedurbin pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/jlRP
fcrepo-message-consumer/gh-pages 0bda4f4 Mike Durbin: Added 4.1.1 release.
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<awoods>mikeAtUVa: we can do that either now or between now and the next release.10:55
p.s. mikeAtUVa: thanks for your release work (and the testing help from ajs6f and osmandin)
mikeAtUVa: have you had any issues? are the directions more or less accurate?10:56
<mikeAtUVa>awoods: no problem, I just need to finish the release notes, make the github release and send an e-mail... but when I looked through the commits I found that there should be a site for fcrepo-camel and I've been cleaning up the site pages...
awoods: they are, and I didn't really have any issues.
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: it would be great if we could get a third person in the release "inner circle"10:57
<mikeAtUVa>awoods: one thing has me stumped though... the artifacts pushed to maven central for fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-jetty-console had a war extension instead of a jar extension, and I'm not sure why.
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: this is odd indeed. we do not even create a war for that any more.
<mikeAtUVa>awoods: the locally built artifact for that tag is definitely a ".jar" file... not sure what the release plugin does...10:58
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: ...so I thought
<ajs6f>awoods: To my udnerstanding, it is a wat. You're just using the wrong extension.
<awoods>ajs6f: technically it is a war... but we use it as an executable jar.10:59
<f4jenkins>Project fcrepo-message-consumer build #1081: UNSTABLE in 4 min 27 sec: http://jenkins.fcrepo.org/job/fcrepo-message-consumer/1081/
<ajs6f>awoods: We could just as well use it as a war. There isn't really any point to having a war and a war that is self-executing.
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: I suspect Nianli's pom updates are not being used by the release-plugin
ajs6f: ??11:00
<ajs6f>awoods: There is, in fcrepo-webapp/target, both:
<awoods>ajs6f: I have never heard of anyone using the console artifact as a deployable war
<ajs6f>awoods: That's because our docs fail.11:01
<awoods>ajs6f: however, they do use it as an executable jar
<ajs6f>awoods: Those two artifacts are different by exactly and only the additional Jetty stuff.
There's nothing in the war that isn't in the jetty-war.
<awoods>ajs6f: jetty-war?
awoods: Whatever. My point is that if MikeAtUVa is having trouble getting the extensions right, maybe getting rid of pointless extra artifacts with misleading extensions would help.
<mikeAtUVa>ajs6f: which extra artifact?11:03
<awoods>ajs6f/mikeAtUVa: there is no reason to deploy fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-SNAPSHOT-jetty-console.jar (or .war) to maven central.
<ajs6f>mikeAtUVa: fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-SNAPSHOT.war
mikeAtUVa: Rename fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-SNAPSHOT-jetty-console.jar to fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-SNAPSHOT.war, and get rid of the current fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-SNAPSHOT.war.11:04
<mikeAtUVa>awoods, ajs6f: I suppose you're right... and hence I proceeded with the release despite not being able to diagnose the problem.
<ajs6f>awoods: Where is it supposed to be made available?11:05
<mikeAtUVa>ajs6f: although, don't we pull fcrepo-webapp-x.x.x.war in some or our other projects for use in cargo in integration testing scenarios?
<awoods>ajs6f: as a note, the community has complained about the confusion of the jetty-console.WAR11:06
<ajs6f>mikeAtUVa: No problem. As I said above, what we now call 'fcrepo-webapp-4.1.1-SNAPSHOT-jetty-console.jar' is a full-fledged WAR with all the same stuff as fcrepo-webapp-x.x.x.war.
<mikeAtUVa>awoods, ajs6f: I'll include the ".jar" file in the github release, and those folks will be happy.
<awoods>ajs6f: ...since we use that WAR as an executable JAR
mikeAtUVa ++
<ajs6f>awoods: So? That's a reason to have better docs, not mung up the build.
<awoods>ajs6f: I disagree11:07
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<awoods>ajs6f: we can talk next week
<ajs6f>awoods: No, I'm not going to belabor this.
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[fcrepo4] mikedurbin pushed 1 new commit to gh-pages: http://git.io/jlVo
fcrepo4/gh-pages d8e42fe Mike Durbin: Added link to camel.
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<ruebot>awoods: got a sec for a fcrepo4 ontology question?11:24
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<awoods>ruebot: hit it
<ruebot>awoods: hasFixityService, there isn't a rdfs:comment for it. i'm assuming it is something along the lines of: Indicates the algorithm used to compute the checksum.11:27
awoods: working on modeling https://github.com/Islandora-Labs/islandora/blob/7.x-2.x/docs/technical-documentation/migration.md#fcrepo3-datastream-properties-to-fcrepo411:28
awoods: and want to make sure i'm understanding that correctly.
awoods: and if so, I have an ontology PR ready to go per ajs6f suggestion if you'd like.11:29
<awoods>ruebot: I believe #hasFixityService points to a URL of the resource's fixity service, i.e. /fcr:fixity11:30
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<awoods>ruebot: however, that may be changing (being removed) in preference for some work that barmintor is doing...
ruebot: using a Link header instead of that predicate.
<ajs6f>awoods: That Link header is still going to use a URI, no?11:31
<awoods>ajs6f: yes, I would expect so.
<ajs6f>awoods: Just as much reason to have it dereference into something useful.
<ruebot>awoods: ah. ok. just trying to figure out how to pull in existing checksums from fcrepo3, since we had a few different types, and fcrepo4 only does sha-1 iirc.
<awoods>ruebot: premis:hasMessageDigest11:34
ruebot: with a value of something like: "urn:sha1:1b574ed484e768f1647b5786f4b5e5fade68bed4"11:35
ruebot: Using URNs, you can specify your algorithm.
<ruebot>awoods++ #thank you!
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<ajs6f>ruebot: Or, to do something more like Linked Data: http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/preservation/cryptographicHashFunctions.html11:42
<ruebot>ajs6f: hrm. that looks like you would keep the checksum algorithm and checksum separate in that case.11:47
ajs6f: not sure which way would be better.11:48
<ajs6f>ruebot: The advantage to awoods' suggestion is simplicity and ease. The advantages to mine are that someone else can dereference your choice of checksum algorithm and find out more about it, and that the checksum can be arbitrarily complicated, which both might matter dealing with video or other (streaming) formats with specialized notions of fixity.11:54
ajs6f: I relay that to folks on our call this afternoon. Let the community decide :-)
ajs6f: also, thank you :-)11:57
<ajs6f>ruebot: "Let the community decide." Yeah, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_by_committee#Aphorisms
<mikeAtUVa>awoods, dwilcox: alright, I'm done everything with the 4.1.1 release except possibly highlighting improvements in the release notes and sending out the e-mail. I'm happy to pass it off to you, or if you'd prefer, let me know if/what I should highlight and to which lists we publish the e-mail.12:11
<awoods>on a call12:12
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mikeAtUVa: That is great. David and I will likely want to add details to the features/fixes in the release before sending out the email. If you are interested, please feel free to put some notes in the wiki to start that off. dwilcox will likely send the email out... Monday?13:01
<dwilcox>awoods / mikeAtUVa: Yes, I can send out the email on Monday. Thanks!13:02
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[fcrepo4] osmandin opened pull request #757: Return 501 upon POST for LDPR (master...1396) http://git.io/j8pn
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[fcrepo4] osmandin opened pull request #758: Add egit repository to satisfy maven dependency plugin resolve plugin go... (master...1342) http://git.io/j4ED
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