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<pivotal-bot>Eric James added comment: "One way to think of it is that there is a distinction between the user:password as defined in tomcat-users.xm..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6944465610:53
Eric James added comment: "https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/RESTful+HTTP+API#RESTfulHTTPAPI-AccessRoles10:56
In other words instead conf..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69444656
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[fcrepo4] ksclarke opened pull request #315: Implemented check of HttpRequest for membership in pre-configured roles (master...ContainerRolesPrincipalProvider-69444656) https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/pull/315
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<pivotal-bot>Kevin Clarke added comment: "Reimplemented based on feedback from first PR: ""10:58
https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/pull/315" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69444656
Kevin Clarke added comment: "Thanks @ericjames (and thanks for the help yesterday, trying to get my head around this)." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6944465611:01
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<dwilcox>gregjansen: Are you interested in leading a discussion on the XACML authorization work during the committers call tomorrow?11:13
<gregjansen>dwilcox: yes, sounds good11:14
dwilcox: It will probably take up some significant time
<dwilcox>gregjansen: Great, thanks. It's ok if it takes a while - we don't have any other significant agenda items
<gregjansen>You could link to the design page from the agenda...11:15
<dwilcox>Sure, I'll do that.
<gregjansen>oops, that's pointing to an anchor..
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<pivotal-bot>Kevin Clarke finished "Tomcat Roles PrincipalProvider" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6944465611:22
Kevin Clarke started "Pick-up fcrepo4 snapshot dependencies in fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69148052
Kevin Clarke started "HTTP API Module fails when not installed with clean" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69740244
Kevin Clarke unstarted "HTTP API Module fails when not installed with clean" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69740244
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[fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable] ksclarke opened pull request #37: added sonatype snapshots repo so fcrepo snapshots can be resolved (master...add-snapshots-repo-69148052) http://git.io/3-DQzw
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<pivotal-bot>Kevin Clarke added comment: "Added Sonatype snapshots repo
https://github.com/futures/fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable/pull/37" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/69148052
Kevin Clarke finished "Pick-up fcrepo4 snapshot dependencies in fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6914805212:16
Kevin Clarke started "ExecutionError while trying to ingest 500k records" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6945415212:17
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods added "Accept ":" in resource paths" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/7004586217:09
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<pivotal-bot>Nikhil Trivedi finished "Support for authentication in JMS indexer" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6492915617:29
<ksclarke>anyone know if I load the same sample datastream file in whether it will be treated differently than if I load different sample datastream files?17:42
so if I load the same file 10x vs. creating 10 different sample datastreams
* ksclarke looks at the time and guesses chances of getting a response are not that great17:43
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<ermadmix>same file added to different datastreams? If that's what you're asking I think that should work.17:56
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[fcrepo4] escowles created readme-update (+1 new commit): http://git.io/qjsvHA
fcrepo4/readme-update f470cb7 Esmé Cowles: Updating language about JaCoCo options
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<pivotal-bot>Esme Cowles added "Update README and wiki to clarify Maven build settings" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/7005010618:03
Esme Cowles added comment: "I've updated the wiki page for building fcrepo4: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Build+Fedora+4+from+S..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/7005010618:04
Esme Cowles accepted "Update README and wiki to clarify Maven build settings" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/70050106
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#1817 (readme-update - f470cb7 : Esmé Cowles): The build passed.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/commit/f470cb7b2137
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/23630147
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[fcrepo4] awoods pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Yt-OTw
fcrepo4/master 46fce99 Andrew Woods: Merge pull request #316 from futures/readme-update...
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#1819 (master - 46fce99 : Andrew Woods): The build passed.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/compare/e6cfb898f1f0...46fce99247ce
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/23633995
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