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Hey guys! I was just answering the question on the mailing list about the custom mixin types, and it seems I can add a custom mixin type via fcr:nodetypes but I can not associate an object with that mixin type using e.g. a sparql update request...05:34
There seems to be a dependency issue when I'm just copying fcrepo.war to a tomcat: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /home/ruckus/dev/tomcat7/temp/snappy-1.0.5-libsnappyjava.so05:41
Ah it seems the directory "temp" has to exist....05:43
<pivotal-bot>Frank Asseg added comment: "Wiki page is here:https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Large+File+Ingest+and+Retrieval06:01
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"Rebased and merged into the 'master' branch"
https://issues.jboss.org/browse..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61418398
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<tecoripa>awoods: maybe you can touch base with Greg concerning the camel-case of the fcr:accessroles endpoint? in the code, the endpoint is fcr:accessRoles, not fcr:accessroles10:28
<gregjansen>tecoripa, awoods: I am here. I thought we wanted the camel case10:30
<tecoripa>gregjansen: awoofds sent me this link: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/How+to+Create+a+new+JAX-RS+resource10:31
gregjansen: with the convention: "Note, for consistency with other Path suffixes, use all lowercase strings (e.g. use: "fcr:nodetype" instead of: "fcr:nodeType")"
<gregjansen>tecoripa: oh, I guess I have been hearing him wrong this whole time10:32
tecoripa: happy to do whatever and can modify my PR to accessroles
<tecoripa>gregjansen: yeah, if you could standardize it to match everyone else, that would be good.10:33
<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer added comment: "I don't think we want to allow people to add mixin types using the JCR predicate. They should (and I'm pretty..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6230115010:46
Eric James added "REST interface - Inconsistent listing of child nodes" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6231826210:49
<awoods>gregjansen/tecoripa: In my codebase, accessroles is all lowercase.10:51
<gregjansen>awoods: in my PR that pulls 2 projects into fcrepo it was not lowercase, but I have fixed it10:52
awoods: this whole time I had thought that you wanted to opposite somehow..
awoods: "the opposite"10:53
<cbeer>the opPosite?
<awoods>gregjansen: language can be tricky
<gregjansen>I think I misinterpreted the phrase "what's up with camel case?"
awoods: nbd10:54
<pivotal-bot>Esme Cowles added comment: "I added a note to the Federation feature page saying that large files or a large number of files from an exi..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/5506912610:56
<awoods>mikeAtUVa/escowles: did "transactions" and "policy-driven-storage" make it on the features list?10:57
<tecoripa>gregjansen: I think awoods actually asked, "what's going down with the camel case?"10:58
<mikeAtUVa>awoods, escowles: not yet....
awoods: I'll add pages and tickets now....
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: otherwise, the list looks good
<ermadmix>usability comment: looking at a node such as http://localhost:8080/rest/fedora:system/fedora:transform/fedora:ldpath/. It appears "Inlined Resources" just shows the current, parent, child, content content, and current export URL. But these are already listed and well headered in the above Properties section. Might be just me but the Inlined Resources doesn't add anything, just confuses...11:00
...things, plus the font's a little big and might not scale when there's a lot of children or a paging situation.
<mikeAtUVa>standup https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/eW91cm1lZGlhc2hlbGYuY29tXzVlYzdpNXQ2Z282dTdidHI4aTVrbGJxOTUwQGdyb3VwLmNhbGVuZGFyLmdvb2dsZS5jb20.opn3ai06k1ge0no877ei3cku4o11:03
<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer delivered "fcr:namespaces preferredNamespaceUri for http://fedora.info/definitions/v4/repository# is http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6226177811:22
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<tecoripa>escowles, gregjansen: here's my content modelling page: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/How+to+Migrate+a+Fedora+3+Content+Model+to+a+Fedora+4+Node+Type
what have you guys got?11:37
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<escowles>tecoripa: nbanks also has an (islandora-specific) content modeling page: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Converting+an+Fedora+3+Islandora+Content+model+to+Fedora+4+by+Example11:39
afk # out to lunch
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<tecoripa>cbeer: I came up with this example for adding a mime type property on datastream content:
cbeer: 1) create a mixin that will go on jcr:content nodes, with the type nt:resource: [fedora:XMLMimeType] mixin
cbeer: 2) this node Type has the property jcr:MimeType (STRING), which is a property defined elsewhere11:47
cbeer: this property is constrained, in that the default value is 'text/xml', and the only allowed value is 'text/xml'
cbeer: I suspect this won't work, but it illustrates the question: can already-exsuiting properties be overridden in node types to introduce further constraints?11:48
<cbeer>tecoripa: i'm not sure. it's possible it'll work, if all the properties had the value 'text/xml'.11:49
<tecoripa>cbeer: across the entire repo? Or just the objects with this fedora:XMLMimeType node type mixed in?11:50
<cbeer>with the node type.
<tecoripa>cbeer: good, that would be the desired outcome. I'll give it a try.
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Chris Beer added comment: "Probably involved refactoring HttpGraphSubjects first, into some proper GraphSubjectsFactory and GraphSubject..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6088732211:59
<mikeAtUVa>awk 60m12:01
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<cbeer>huh. i didn't know projected file systems need to only contain files that are JCR-name-value-valid12:14
<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer added comment: "@fasseg I'm not seeing a NPE, just this RepositoryException: ""12:18
javax.jcr.RepositoryException: org.modeshape.jc..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61969910
Chris Beer started "Adding a node to a federated read-only file system is enabled in the frontend and creates a NPE when used" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61969910
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods accepted "fcr:namespaces preferredNamespaceUri for http://fedora.info/definitions/v4/repository# is http://www.jcp.org/jcr/..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6226177812:21
<awoods>gregjansen: looking at: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6201958612:22
<pivotal-bot>feature: move fcrepo-auth-roles-common into fcrepo (finished) / owner: Gregory Jansen
<awoods>gregjansen: What (if anything) needs to be done with the first PR mentioned in that ticket: https://github.com/futures/fcrepo-authz/pull/412:23
<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer added comment: "I'm not sure this make sense.. Are you sure there isn't browser caching involved here?" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6231826212:25
Andrew Woods accepted "Design configuration for indexer to allow use of fcrepo-transform transformations to produce indexing results." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6182341212:34
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: The "versioningPolicy" namespace needs to be updated in this documentation, no? https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/How+to+set+repository-wide+auto-versioning12:36
escowles: From this documentation, in the section "Mapping RDF representations to Solr forms", https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Design+-+Customizable+Search+Index , will we want to create a new published ontology? fedora-indexing: http://fedora.info/definitions/v4/indexing#12:38
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods added comment: "Can we also remove: ""12:58
https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/blob/master/fcrepo-jms/src/main/resources/org/fcrepo..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62246234
Andrew Woods rejected "Kill legacy (Atom) JMS format" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62246234
<escowles>awoods: http://fedora.info/definitions/v4/repository# already has predicates for clustering, fixity, etc. -- any reason why we couldn't put the indexing predicate in that namespace?13:06
<awoods>escowles: That certainly seems reasonable. I am not sure if ajs6f had some specific in mind for the new namespace.13:07
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<awoods>escowles: I suspect this new namespace is in ajs6f's indexing PR as well.13:08
<escowles>since ajs6f's out sick, i'll post a comment about in the wiki
<awoods>escowles: great. It seems that ajs6f is also responding to email, so it may be good to send him an email as well.13:09
<escowles>awoods: ok, will do13:10
<awoods>gregjansen: ping13:12
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[fcrepo4] ajs6f pushed 1 new commit to KillAtomJMS: http://git.io/OnaDmg
fcrepo4/KillAtomJMS 77e134c ajs6f: Kill even more stuff
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A. "Horbulaco" Soroka finished "Kill legacy (Atom) JMS format" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62246234
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[fcrepo4] awoods pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/htw3yw
fcrepo4/master 3bac46e Gregory Jansen: adding 2 role authorization projects to fedora base project...
fcrepo4/master a5f2553 Gregory Jansen: fixing accessroles endpoint, removing camel case
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[fcrepo4] awoods closed pull request #196: adding 2 role authorization projects to fedora base project (master...master) http://git.io/x4aTiQ
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods added comment: "Resolved with: https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/compare/169a3e4fd77d...a5f25534cadc" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62019734
Andrew Woods delivered "move fcrepo-auth-roles-basic into fcrepo" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62019734
Chris Beer added comment: "(and, I just checked if session#hasPermission would help us throw a security error instead.. but permissions ..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61969910
<gregjansen>awoods: ping13:27
<awoods>gregjansen: looking at: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62019586
<pivotal-bot>feature: move fcrepo-auth-roles-common into fcrepo (finished) / owner: Gregory Jansen
<awoods>gregjansen: What (if anything) needs to be done with the first PR mentioned in that ticket: https://github.com/futures/fcrepo-authz/pull/4
<gregjansen>awoods: I think that was the pull prior to moving the projects. I will check13:29
<pivotal-bot>Esme Cowles added comment: "I think the docs (now renamed to https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Properties+CRUD) are actually fine. ..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6150047613:30
Esme Cowles finished "Provide some example SPARQL queries / help text for updating properties in the HTML UI" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61500476
<gregjansen>awoods: we can ignore that for the moment. I will make a ticket for myself to isolate the XACML PEP in it's own project..13:31
<awoods>gregjansen: ok, thanks13:32
<pivotal-bot>Gregory Jansen added comment: "fcrepo-authz/pull/4 is the update of the old auth project, which I will do in another ticket." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6201958613:33
Chris Beer added comment: "(oops. Session#checkPermission; inquiring in MODE-2117)" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6196991013:34
<awoods>gregjansen: You may want to add your new cnd files to this configuration inventory wiki page: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Configuration+Options+Inventory
<gregjansen>awoods: will do13:35
<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods delivered "move fcrepo-auth-roles-common into fcrepo" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62019586
<gregjansen>awoods: I am going to rebase my 2nd PR now
<awoods>gregjansen: sure13:36
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<bljenkins>Yippie, build fixed!13:40
Project fcrepo4 build #1521: FIXED in 23 min: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo4/1521/
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#1393 (master - a5f2553 : Gregory Jansen): The build passed.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/compare/169a3e4fd77d...a5f25534cadc
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/15299390
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<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-fixity-corrupter build #538: SUCCESS in 1 min 27 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-fixity-corrupter/538/13:42
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[fcrepo4] awoods pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/DahO6A
fcrepo4/master 8bd4060 ajs6f: Killed off legacy (Atom) JMS format...
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods accepted "move fcrepo-auth-roles-common into fcrepo" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6201958613:43
Andrew Woods accepted "move fcrepo-auth-roles-basic into fcrepo" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62019734
<osmandin>afk 30
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[fcrepo4] awoods deleted KillAtomJMS at 77e134c: http://git.io/T5XsVA
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods added comment: "Resolved with: https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/commit/8bd4060d02ef919f783edb1f51a68029f71f211c" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62246234
Andrew Woods delivered "Kill legacy (Atom) JMS format" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6224623413:44
<cbeer>barmintor: fcrepo3 does some sort of object-level locking, right?
<awoods>gregjansen: let me know with the rebased PR is ready for review.
<barmintor>cbeer: on ingest we lock by PID. Not sure on updates.13:45
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#1391 (KillAtomJMS - 77e134c : ajs6f): The build passed.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/compare/c4d51faa6e12...77e134cb7c61
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/15299078
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<cbeer>barmintor: ok. i'm just interested in ingest for now.. fcrepo3 still seems impossibly fast
barmintor: i'm wondering if fcrepo4 is suffering from JTA locking or something.13:46
i guess one way to find out would be to randomize my ingest to avoid any contention and mess with the locking config
<awoods>mikeAtUVa/escowles: The same namespace/ontology/to-publish? question applies to this new namespace: "ttp://fedora.info/definitions/v4/config#" https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/How+to+set+repository-wide+auto-versioning13:49
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<escowles>ajs6f argues that namespaces are cheap, and much easier to combine later than to split apart. but i do worry that it's going to make it cumbersome and confusing to have to reference several different fedora-specific namespaces13:52
<awoods>escowles: Even if they are cheap, what is the purpose of the published ontologies if we are just spinning up ad-hoc namespaces?13:53
escowles: I am going to need to step away for the next many hours (I will be back tonight). I am sure you see/saw the same ontology question as it relates to mikeAtUVa's work...13:54
<escowles>awoods: ok, i think we can add this to the committer's call tomorrow and hash it out
<mikeAtUVa>I suspect we publish them because when someone finds a serialization of our content in 20 years they can make sense of it...
<awoods>escowles: That is a great idea.13:55
<mikeAtUVa>Although thorny already said we don't care about preservation...
<cbeer>mikeAtUVa: but disseminators are cool.
<escowles>mikeAtUVa: sure, but the question is how they are grouped -- what separate namespaces make sense and break down the predicates in meaningful groups, and what just creates confusion and cumbersome inclusion of tons of different namespace dclarations13:56
cbeer: sure, but the impl sucked, that was all
<awoods>mikeAtUVa: Depending on tomorrow's conversation, http://fedora.info/definitions/v4/config# may get rolled into repository# or something.
<mikeAtUVa>escowles: yeah, I don't know... this is one of those situations where we're going to make a (wrong) decision and stick with it forever.
<escowles>mikeAtUVa: i like your can-do attitude!13:57
* mikeAtUVa doesn't really care what's decided so long as something is.
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<mikeAtUVa>escowles: eh, I don't mean to be negative... just acknowledging (and embracing) the inevitability of decisions made today not seeming right a few years from now.13:58
* awoods was waiting to hear back from gregjansen from previous PR/rebase question... but am stepping away until later.14:00
<pivotal-bot>Scott Prater added comment: "@awoods, @gregjansen: ready for review: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/How+to+Configure+Servlet+Co..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6174090214:02
<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-fixity-corrupter build #539: SUCCESS in 1 min 10 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-fixity-corrupter/539/14:03
<pivotal-bot>Scott Prater added comment: "@gregoryjansen: instructions for configuring servlet container authentication: https://wiki.duraspace.org/..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61740902
Scott Prater started "Document servlet container authentication configuration" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61740902
Scott Prater finished "Document servlet container authentication configuration" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61740902
<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable build #341: UNSTABLE in 5 min 9 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable/341/14:07
<escowles>mikeAtUVa: np, i completely agree that decisions and code that seem good today will probably be embarrassing in a few years -- if the recent past is any guide
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<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-fixity-corrupter build #540: SUCCESS in 1 min 0 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-fixity-corrupter/540/14:23
<cbeer>years. that's optimistic.14:25
<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-kitchen-sink build #705: UNSTABLE in 2 min 41 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-kitchen-sink/705/14:26
<pivotal-bot>Gregory Jansen added comment: "This has been rebased to match master after #196" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6201990214:30
Gregory Jansen added comment: "rebased to match master after #196" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6185048214:31
<bljenkins>Yippie, build fixed!
Project fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable build #342: FIXED in 9 min 12 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable/342/
<pivotal-bot>Eric James added comment: "Yes I think was a cache issue. Ignore me." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6231826214:37
Eric James deleted "REST interface - Inconsistent listing of child nodes" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62318262
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[fcrepo4] gregjan opened pull request #204: Package rename of org.fcrepo.auth to org.fcrepo.auth.common (master...package-rename) http://git.io/P29c0g
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<pivotal-bot>Gregory Jansen added comment: "https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/pull/204 contains this change. It has already been rebased on top of #..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6151470614:40
Gregory Jansen finished "Fix fcrepo-auth-common package name" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61514706
Gregory Jansen added comment: "moved the page here: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Glossary14:41
working on adding some more terms" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62191536
Esme Cowles added comment: "Based on @frankasseg 's comments, I looked at https://wiki.duraspace.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=346604..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/5506912614:50
Chris Beer deleted "Fix content returned in fcr:workspaces" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6087883814:55
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Esme Cowles added comment: "https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/ff/Performance" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6219136414:59
Esme Cowles finished "Reorganize performance documentation into "Documents DRAFT > Performance"" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62191364
Esme Cowles started "Feature Documentation: REST API" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6225770015:01
Esme Cowles added comment: "Related to https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/55069126" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6108785615:02
Chris Beer started "Workspace description triple" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6029470015:14
Gregory Jansen added comment: "added access role, checksum, federation, fixity, policy enforcement point, and version" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6219153615:37
Gregory Jansen finished "Create "Documentation DRAFT > Glossary" page" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62191536
<cbeer>escowles: could you maybe review https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/pull/202? i think what i'm working on now might be easier after it's merged15:42
<escowles>cbeer: sure, i'll look at this in a minute when i'm done reviewing the REST API wiki page
<escowles>cbeer: PR 202 looks good -- only one very minor comment16:10
<cbeer>escowles: replied. pretty sure it's a bad test16:13
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[fcrepo4] escowles pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/_NN2lg
fcrepo4/master 10a89f2 Esmé Cowles: Merge pull request #202 from futures/fixity-uris...
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<pivotal-bot>Esme Cowles delivered "Add PREMIS vocabulary to fixity results reporting" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62243562
Chris Beer accepted "Add PREMIS vocabulary to fixity results reporting" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6224356216:17
Chris Beer delivered "Update produced fixity result URIs" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62063292
<cbeer>barmintor: would spring-boot help with any of the jersey 2 pains? http://raibledesigns.com/rd/entry/a_webapp_makeover_with_spring16:31
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[fcrepo4] cbeer created workspace-fixes (+1 new commit): http://git.io/UoFlLA
fcrepo4/workspace-fixes c142d84 Chris Beer: Update WorkspaceRdfContext to use GraphSubjects instead of UriInfo, add additional triples, and look up the default workspace from the repository configuration
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<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-fixity-corrupter build #541: SUCCESS in 1 min 2 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-fixity-corrupter/541/
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[fcrepo4] cbeer opened pull request #205: Update WorkspaceRdfContext to use GraphSubjects instead of UriInfo, add ... (master...workspace-fixes) http://git.io/oydj2Q
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<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer added comment: "Actually do the right thing, in https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/pull/205" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62106398
Chris Beer finished "Workspace description triple" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/60294700
Chris Beer added comment: "https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/pull/205" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/60294700
Chris Beer delivered "Workspace description triple" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/60294700
<barmintor>cbeer: Spring 4?!16:38
<cbeer>barmintor: i know, right?
you can knock that off by next week, right?16:39
<cbeer>or maybe update fcrepo3 to use it
<barmintor>this does look like a useful article
<cbeer>it suggests it's not a lost cause
<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable build #343: UNSTABLE in 4 min 14 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable/343/
<barmintor>"See, you just need a jaxrs.ResourceConfig, a spring.WebMvcConfigurerAdapter, a hibernate.Validator, and a SpringBootServletInitializer"16:42
* barmintor jumps out the nearest window16:43
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#1397 (master - 10a89f2 : Esmé Cowles): The build passed.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/compare/8bd4060d02ef...10a89f2658bf
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/15307302
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<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer estimated "Workspace description triple" as 2 points https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6029470016:46
Chris Beer added comment: "The only descriptive info we get out of workspaces (by default, at least) is the workspace name. I've include..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6029470016:47
<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-fixity-corrupter build #542: SUCCESS in 1 min 1 sec: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-fixity-corrupter/542/16:57
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#1398 (workspace-fixes - c142d84 : Chris Beer): The build passed.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/commit/c142d843bbef
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/15308676
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<bljenkins>Project fcrepo4 build #1526: FAILURE in 17 min: http://ci.fcrepo.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo4/1526/17:13
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[fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable] yulgit1 opened pull request #19: Update README.md (master...patch-1) http://git.io/LUrBqg
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<pivotal-bot>Eric James accepted "Documentation for fcrepo-transform's HTTP endpoints." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6185044817:50
Eric James edited "clean up documentation in README.md of fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6224909017:52
Eric James accepted "clean up documentation in README.md of fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6224909017:53
Eric James started "Feature Documentation: External Search" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62258114
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<pivotal-bot>Chris Beer added comment: "Seems like something jetty does. " https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/60885808
Chris Beer deleted "Remove double Expires header from fcr:tx response" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/60885808
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<pivotal-bot>Scott Prater added comment: "@awoods, @gregoryjansen , @escowles: completed. https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/AuthZ+-+No+AuthZ+Fe..." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/5941731422:55
Scott Prater finished "Fedora performance tests with/without active basic roles and PEP enforcement" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/59417314
<pivotal-bot>Gregory Jansen started "Integrate AuthZ API into F4 HTTP API documentation" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6185027423:48
Gregory Jansen added comment: "https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/RESTful+HTTP+API#RESTfulHTTPAPI-AccessRoles" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6185027423:49
Gregory Jansen finished "Integrate AuthZ API into F4 HTTP API documentation" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/61850274
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<pivotal-bot>Andrew Woods added comment: "Pending code review comments." https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/6201990202:43
Andrew Woods rejected "Add access roles API to fcrepo-webapp" https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/62019902
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