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<ajs6f>T minus 30 minutes to committers' call: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FCREPO/2013-09-19+-+Fedora+Committer+Meeting .10:33
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<ajs6f>edInCo: up for some more note taking today?10:46
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<edInCo>sure, I'll give it a try10:56
<ajs6f>Committers' call!10:59
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<ajs6f>barnintor: on the way?11:02
<barmintor>I am alone
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<barmintor>It's so satisfying to be able to run the FCR3 IT suite in < 10 mins12:01
<ajs6f>Wow! You weren't kidding about perf increases.12:02
<barmintor>(granted, that's a sign of how beat down I was by that suite in the past)
<ajs6f>I hated running it on my laptop because it completely destroyed the battery.
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<edInCo>ajs6f: raw minutes emailed12:08
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