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<awoods>osmandin: standup?11:02
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<barmintor>yeah, man12:58
<awoods>IRC is a good way to collect passwords.12:59
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<awoods>mikeAtUVa: Can you repost your comment from https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Design+-+Large+Files to here https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/FF/Design+-+Fedora+3+to+4+Upgrade
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<awoods>mikeAtUVa: Actually, I will move it over as content, not a comment.13:43
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<mbklein>Hi all. Is there a better channel in which to ask a Fedora Non-Futures question, or is this it?14:41
<ajs6f>barmintor: fcrepo3 3.7.0-RC, Maven 3.1.0, CentOS, OpenJDK 1.7.0_25, gives massive integration test failure blow-out in configA. Not even sure where to start picking up the pieces. Tried on two different machines with different versions of CentOS. Seen this? (I hate to report it so lateā€¦ sorry.)14:43
<awoods>mbklein, this channel might be your best shot.
<barmintor>ajs6f: I don't think we've ever built on OpenJDK14:44
mbklein: GO
<ajs6f>Use Sun HotSpot?
<barmintor>ajs6f: afaik
<ajs6f>p.s. I've always built on OpenJDK.
<mbklein>OK, cool. :) I have two Fedora instances acting as backends for two different instances on the same app. I'm trying to get the PIDs of everything in the repo using the query /fedora/objects?query=&resultFormat=xml&pid=true
<ajs6f>barmintor: k, will do.
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<mbklein>It's working great on my dev instance, but on the one I'm setting up for test, I get back "Object not found in low-level storage: avalon:1"
(where avalon: is a valid namespace, but there actually is no avalon:1 any more)
<barmintor>you do nothing but the search. and you get that message?14:46
<barmintor>what version?
<mbklein>I've created/ingested a few objects (via hydra), but that's the response I get to the search.
<barmintor>(please say 3.6.x)
<mbklein>Neither bob@example.org or sally@example.org has been any help.
<barmintor>have you tried fedoraAdmin@localhost ?
<mbklein>It just points at me and yells "HA HA!"14:48
I'm just wondering where it's getting the notion that there *should* be an avalon:1.
<barmintor>mbklein: I'm honestly shocked to hear that it would
the object search should pull everything out of the Db14:49
is there a stacktrace in your logs?
<mbklein>let me check14:50
<mbklein>No, thank YOU!
<barmintor>well, it is undeniable that it is loading the object. That's that.14:52
are your two instances using the same backing Db?14:53
This is a completely-self contained VM.
The busted one, that is.
That's surprising
You don't mount the data diretory or nothin'?14:54
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<mbklein>I'm firing up a SQL GUI now to take a peek14:55
<barmintor>Perhaps obviously, I hypothesize that you are somehow reading a Db with the other machine's data, but dont' have access to the objectStore14:56
<mbklein>barmintor: https://gist.github.com/mbklein/6345083#file-gistfile2-txt14:59
How do I figure out where Fedora is looking within the objectStore for a given object?15:00
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<barmintor>mbklein: for the object, or for the sql data?
<mbklein>For the object.15:01
FWIW, avalon:22 works great.
<barmintor>look under $FEDORA_HOME/data/objectStore
<mbklein>It's just 1 through 5 that are borked.
I suppose I can just delete them from the DB myself, but... weird.
<barmintor>That's weird, but also:15:02
the Db actually has, if I remember right, the absolute path to the object
so if you had the index from another instance that had created the object at a different *time*
things would blow up
<mbklein>The objectPaths and datastreamPaths tables are empty.15:03
<barmintor>but you could fix that by running the rebuilder
In other news, what an interestingly wasteful couple of default values for ownerId and label. :)
<barmintor>See, the thing is: they're no longer used15:05
somebody thought that was a good ide
<mbklein>That's the impression I get.
<barmintor>err, idea
nobody thought it as a good IDE
<mbklein>It gets the point across, certainly.15:06
There's a Fedora IDE?!
<barmintor>no, no
just being silly
Me too.
<barmintor>this is why I miss being on all the hydra calls15:07
<mbklein>I think a database rebuild fixed it. Just waiting for a restart15:08
Yup, search working now. Thanks barmintor.15:09
<barmintor>High fives for everybody!15:10
afk a sec15:12
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