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<barmintor>awoods: I assume the Austin space you're looking for is 6-1- beds, good wifi, with bonus points for walking access to DLF, groceries, and/or a good beer joint. Sound right?11:52
*6-10 beds
<awoods>barmintor: exactly... especially with your beds update.
<barmintor>okey doke- I'm reaching out to my software and start-up folks out there to see if I can get some recs11:53
<awoods>barmintor: Thanks.11:54
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<awoods>barmintor, cbeer: I am about to shuffle around the packages to: 1) have different package names for each of the different modules/packages, and 2) move the "extension" modules into a maven submodule: "extensions".16:02
barmintor, cbeer: Any questions/reservations before the dusk is kicked up?
<cbeer>awoods: is that going to make a mess of the spring config?16:03
i know we're relying on the scanning to pick stuff up that may be in multiple modules
<awoods>cbeer: Yes, the spring config will need to be correspondingly updated.
<cbeer>ok. have fun with that.16:04
it also means we don't get eddies' drop-in modules any more, right?
<awoods>cbeer: Better now than later
<cbeer>you have to do explicit spring config
<awoods>cbeer: Did we ever get eddies' drop-in modules?
cbeer: what does that even mean?16:05
<cbeer>sure. you can drop in a module that defines an org.fcrepo.http.api (or whatever) package and it'll magically get loaded
<barmintor>cbeer: does it depend on everything starting w/ org.fcrepo?
<awoods>when you say "drop-in", you mean include a maven dependency on a new module at build-time?
<cbeer>maybe CDI would make that irrelevant anyway
awoods: no. i mean drop a JAR into the exploded webapp16:06
but you could do that too.
barmintor: just something we're component scanning already
<awoods>I would be surprised if jetty/maven rescans the @Components at runtime
<cbeer>no, not runtime.16:07
(although. maybe runtime? if you touch some special file?)
<awoods>cbeer: You are referring to dropping a jar into the lib dir of an exploded war, then (re)starting the application container?
as i understood it, that was one of eddies' design goals.16:08
<awoods>the difference being (assuming, as you suggest, this does not all get resolved with CDI) is that the scanning would need to be configured or initiated in a different way...16:10
if we wanted to avoid updating the spring.xml
Or, I am not sure what the start-up time penalty hit is, but we could also scan org.fcrepo.*16:11
assuming all modules will share that same package prefix.16:12
And of course, someone with a "drop-in" module can still opt to use an existing scanned package name for their new module.16:13
btw, barmintor, what are you thinking with regards to jax-rs-2.0?16:15
<awoods>is that notionally still on your shortish-term radar?
<awoods>It would be great to have that update...16:16
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<awoods>And it would be great if you were interested in nailing it...
But I understand if you may have a hard time squeezing it into your schedule.
Keep my posted... and if it looks like you will not get to it soonish, I may give a swing.16:17
my -> me
<barmintor>sure thing
<awoods>cbeer, barmintor: I am stepping away for a bit. Please raise the flag if you have other concerns beyond those mentioned regarding the refactoring.16:18
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