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[fcrepo4] cbeer pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/nYQKdw
fcrepo4/master 62dffca Chris Beer: bump dependency versions
fcrepo4/master 5421391 Chris Beer: bump metrics dependency and rename all the package names for it..
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[travis-ci] futures/fcrepo4#468 (master - 5421391 : Chris Beer): The build has errored.
[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/compare/8c691569081d...54213914e68c
[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/futures/fcrepo4/builds/6885204
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<bljenkins>Yippie, build fixed!15:48
Project fcrepo4 build #524: FIXED in 18 min: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo4/524/
* Chris Beer: bump dependency versions
* Chris Beer: bump metrics dependency and rename all the package names for it..
Project fcrepo-kitchen-sink build #240: FAILURE in 1 min 9 sec: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-kitchen-sink/240/15:50
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<bljenkins>Project fcrepo-legacy-api build #14: FAILURE in 1 min 14 sec: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-legacy-api/14/16:15
Chris Beer: bump metrics version
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<bljenkins>Yippie, build fixed!16:59
Project fcrepo-legacy-api build #15: FIXED in 4 min 50 sec: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-legacy-api/15/
Chris Beer: update for new kernel api signatures
Project fcrepo-kitchen-sink build #241: STILL FAILING in 1 min 40 sec: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-kitchen-sink/241/17:01
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[fcrepo-kitchen-sink] cbeer pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/LqNnJg
fcrepo-kitchen-sink/master 73f1f05 Chris Beer: bump metrics dependency
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<bljenkins>Project fcrepo4 build #525: UNSTABLE in 12 min: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo4/525/17:18
Yippie, build fixed!17:23
Project fcrepo-kitchen-sink build #242: FIXED in 4 min 18 sec: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-kitchen-sink/242/
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[fcrepo4] cbeer force-pushed rdf-all-the-things from 4231b71 to 019eb83: http://git.io/cMpL6w
fcrepo4/rdf-all-the-things b96a68f Chris Beer: remove unused content-obsolete endpoint
fcrepo4/rdf-all-the-things 019eb83 Chris Beer: poke object graph through the REST API
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<bljenkins>Yippie, build fixed!20:33
Project fcrepo4 build #526: FIXED in 20 min: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo4/526/
Project fcrepo-kitchen-sink build #243: SUCCESS in 4 min 14 sec: http://ci.projectblacklight.org/jenkins/job/fcrepo-kitchen-sink/243/20:38