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time to stand up?10:57
smoooooooth jazz10:59
can you not hear me?11:01
<barmintor_>ok, let me try some things
<eddies>ah, smooth jazz how i missed thee
<barmintor_>take it that's a np11:02
my mic freaks out whenever I install new software. let me restart
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<cbeer>gsearch--, by the way.11:40
i dug around on it earlier and i'm not sure it actually works with modern versions of solr AT ALL.
<eddies>http://fedora-commons.1317035.n2.nabble.com/fcrepo-user-Release-of-Fedora-GSearch-version-2-5-td7578347.html says gsearch 2.5 is solr 3.6.111:49
<cbeer>hm. then maybe it's a configuration problem now, because i updated to the latest gsearch and added a solr 3.6 instance11:51
ok, it was a couple configuration issues.12:03
apparently the full xslt paths are hard-coded into the configs/other xslts.
the xslt that makes the solr document does some screwy stuff that isn't allowed any more (e.g. index-time boosts on the PID field, which is (in solr 3.6) a string field with omitNorms=true)12:05
(and i still don't understand why it needs filesystem access and jars for lucene, and paths to the fedora install, etc)12:08
<barmintor_>oh, hey, I'm working on that nnow12:19
(working on making the messages conform to fcr3 format)12:20
<barmintor_>I'm also going to be pulling that module out of kernel and into fcrepo-legacy12:22
when I'm done with it
<cbeer>let me know and i'll redeploy fcrepo4 (or tell you about the shell script at /usr/local/bin/deploy-fcrepo4.sh that you can just run)
<barmintor_>okey doke
tho it's time for a sandwich break12:23
<cbeer>(and i'm not really working today. i hope)
new rule, no working on fcrepo4 stuff without being on irc?12:29
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<barmintor>ffs, this is kind of awful15:22
<cbeer>barmintor: what part?15:24
<barmintor>mimicking the fcr3 messages15:25
it does all this parsing of the wsdl's type schema
out of FEDORA_HOME15:26
* barmintor hurks
<barmintor>can I please have one more level of indirection to find out the value of this server version constant?16:28
<cbeer>i'm sure that can be arranged.17:59
<jcoyne>barmintor: How many AbstractSpringBeanFactories can I put you down for?18:01
<barmintor>jcoyne: just eep squeezing until the pump cuts off.18:02
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<eddies>good morning all19:14
i'm so disappointed in myself for waking up before 8am
<barmintor>good morning, good morning!19:19
I'm still at the office!
<cbeer>modeshape 3.1.2 was released earlier (and rhauch sent a nice email to me because of our bug)19:36
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[fcrepo4] barmintor pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/futures/fcrepo4/commit/1f871949316f5ea09bf4c6859de2131db71f3e09
fcrepo4/master 1f87194 Benjamin Armintor: refactoring to more closely match fcrepo3 ATOM messages and support moving the fcrepo3 atom messaging into the legacy artifact with generic replacement
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<barmintor>ok, I have to go home. I swear, the tests passed :)
<cbeer>ok, i'll deploy to futures6 and see how it goes.19:39
<barmintor>oh, it's going to fail19:40
doh. one sec.19:41
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[fcrepo4] barmintor pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/EVKFhw
fcrepo4/master fb655da Benjamin Armintor: the webapp needs the new jms config
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<barmintor>that should do it19:44
there's an interface now that allows impls to translate jcrEvents into jmsMessages19:45
and all the FCR3 ATOM stuff is isolated into classes that can be moved out of fcrepo-jms now19:46
and there's a constructor for deserializing the message content into a somewhat more Fedora-y object19:47
but more importantly, there's a place to bolt a new JMS serializer in19:48
so tomorrow morning I'll be rearranging those classes, and moving the glacier stuff into its own project
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cbeer: tomorrow you'll have to show me how to run the travis ci21:17
on fedora6
<cbeer>barmintor_: travis ci? that's a post-commit service.
(and, it looks like something's funny after your latest commits.. mvn test hangs)21:18
<cbeer>(but i don't care right now, so you shouldn't either.)
(hangs on DEBUG 17:18:27.068 (SimpleObserver) Putting event: Node added at /test1 by <anonymous> on the bus.)
<barmintor_>Downloading: scala compiler21:29
hmm… mvn:test is fine over here21:33
yeah, locally it went right by that point in the tests. I suspect it's b/c I ushed a config fix while the build was running21:37
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