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cbeer: can you look at my PR and figure out how to wire the repository bean into FedoraService?09:54
<cbeer>jcoyne: yes, but maybe not today.09:55
<jcoyne>Okay, I'm sure it's something obvious, I just don't grok Spring annotations.09:57
<cbeer>jcoyne: yeah, they're magic.
i'm not sure by what mechanism they get wired in, although i suspect I don't want to.09:58
(anusha, barmintor: in a surprise to no-one, eddies is having trouble putting the kettle into the box.)10:10
<anusha>:) If I remember right, kettle on its side with the pout upwards, a cardboard placed at an angle at the head of the kettle and the lid to its left10:22
Oops, spout, not pout10:25
<cbeer>(excuse me while I repack it (after eddies gave up in defeat), redact the irc logs, and claim all the credit and glory)10:26
anusha: eddies and I were talking about https://github.com/futures/ff-jmeter-testResults/blob/master/2013-02-10-FedoraTests/results/ThreadCountVsResponseTime.png10:35
what if we group the type of operations together, and within that group, we do the number-of-threads?10:36
(and, do a second y-axis for an error count, maybe?)
would that tell the story we're trying to tell10:37
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<cbeer>(e.g. things get slower with more threads, certain operations are costly than others)
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<cbeer>i'm also still curious if the size of the box plots are only increasing because of the number of threads, or if there's also a correlation with the number of objects created10:39
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<anusha>cbeer, eddies: I'll try that plot11:02
<cbeer>eddies: donuts are here
eddies: and your sister wants you to unpack all the boxes and make coffee
we'll quiz you on repacking the pot later.11:03
<anusha>the box plot does count the number of CRUD operations, and the number of objects created does increase with thread count
Also, I want to remove the file size as an axis in the box plots as that does not give any extra information (Thanks Eddie, for making me realize this)11:05
enjoy donuts & coffee (so why do you have police around? :) )11:06
<eddies>so lonely on freeconf ;-P11:17
ok, i'm hanging up =)
<barmintor>Are we standing up? We stood up yesterday in the afternoon!11:18
<eddies>i was standing up
<barmintor>I did no work while I was asleep last night. Next!
chris & i had more apple brandy11:19
and chris closed a ticket while doing so
ok. bye all. see you (non-holiday-slackers) on monday standup11:35
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<BHSPiMonkey>git clone https://fedora4lib.org/donuts.git12:34
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[fcrepo4] ajs6f created CDIExampleForChris (+1 new commit): http://git.io/eeLo3g
fcrepo4/CDIExampleForChris a3ab4a9 ajs6f: Demonstrating CDI in kernel
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[fcrepo4] ajs6f created CDI (+1 new commit): http://git.io/ef4_gg
fcrepo4/CDI 9f9c300 ajs6f: Finished fcrepo-kernel
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