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BHSPiMonkey: Doing all right with your dev challenge entry?
<BHSPiMonkey>ajs6f: currently too preoccupied with delicious pizza :)22:01
<ajs6f>Pizza?! I've never heard of a developer who likes pizza! :)
Let us know if you need any help going forward.22:02
<BHSPiMonkey>I'll wrap up when I get back to the hotel22:07
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<BHSPiMonkey>aren't colons permitted in object pid's?00:51
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<BHSPiMonkey>it seems that when I do something like POST "/objects/hello:world", the API crashes
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<cbeer>BHSPiMonkey: only if you register the namespace.00:55
there's our limited API for it
<BHSPiMonkey>cbeer: ah, so if you try to use a made-up namespace, it will stab you.01:08
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<BHSPiMonkey>Okay... Here is the present state of my "entry": https://gist.github.com/BHSPitMonkey/01cef0d528f374cca8cb01:46
I might try to get some more parts of it working before the cutoff, but I do need to get some sleep tonight :)

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