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<cbeer>if eddies wants anyone to pick up the modeshape clustering stuff, i'm happy to give you lots of links and the non-working EC2 instance credentials.10:09
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replace public InputStream retrieveDatastream(String dsKey)11:25
with public InputStream retrieveDatastream(String dsKey, Map<String, String>)
not replace, but add11:26
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[ff-modeshape-prototype] ajs6f pushed 1 new commit to FOXML: http://git.io/qLjIFQ
ff-modeshape-prototype/FOXML 18bb92d ajs6f: First working FOXML parser
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[ff-modeshape-prototype] ajs6f pushed 1 new commit to FOXML: http://git.io/3zhkSA
ff-modeshape-prototype/FOXML bc5aadc ajs6f: Tidying up X-datastream content grabbing
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[ff-modeshape-prototype] ajs6f opened pull request #17: Foxml parsing and sequencing: the beginning! (master...FOXML) http://git.io/YgrBtg
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