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<cbeer>eddies: i'm updating my email to you now.12:19
sorry to hear your still sick. i came down with a fever and sore throat friday night myself :-(12:20
<cbeer>better now than on vacation, at least12:23
<eddies>yeah, but losing a whole weekend still blows12:31
got your updated email. thanks for both: well-written and considered12:33
<cbeer>i can't remember if I said this here, or to people at work, but in databank's current state, it feels a lot like early hydra12:34
tcramer is on a roll.12:37
<eddies>i see that12:44
no, i don;t think i heard the hydra-databank comparison before12:45
<cbeer>yeah, i feel like it has the same level of maturity. yes, it works (for some.), it probably has potential, but feels like it was put together in a hurry by a small handful of people trying to satisfy a particular need quickly12:51
so a "hydra-head 2.x" kind of rewrite seems destined in the near future if we try to pick it up12:52
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