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<cbeer>we're having a stand-up today, right?08:44
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<cbeer>jonathangee: +1 to waiting until tomorrow10:27
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<cbeer>the pivotal ios app is actually pretty nice11:45
JasonDGI: you got databank installed, right?11:46
<JasonDGI>yeah i do
<cbeer>os x?
<cbeer>ah, k. maybe i'll just wait for barmintor then
<JasonDGI>sorry i couldnt help11:48
<cbeer>hey, python package management sucks less than it used to.12:04
JasonDGI: did you run into this error?12:05
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement httplib2==0.5.0 (from rdfobject->-r requirements.txt (line 7)) (from versions: )
<JasonDGI>no, i didnt12:10
<cbeer>hm. are you using dataflow/RDFDatabank, benosteen's, or anusha's?12:11
<JasonDGI>lemme check
we used apt-get, (its ubuntu, not cent sry)12:12
<JasonDGI>should i change that?
<cbeer>so maybe you can't actaully install it from source. great.12:13
<JasonDGI>do you know if you have httplib2 > 0.5 installed?12:14
<cbeer>probably not12:15
this is a new python install
<JasonDGI>if i run easy_install httplib2 it tells me 0.7.2 is installed
supposedly rdfobject is trying to give me httplib2==0.5
<JasonDGI>oh, but you're osx?
yeah, rdfobject supposedly requires httplib2==0.5
<JasonDGI>any idea why its strictly equals?12:18
<cbeer>hm. looks like benosteen's django port doesn't require rdfobject at all12:21
and isn't referenced in the databank code either12:22
ok, that's enough to lose interest in the problem.
<cbeer>new error: ImportError: cannot import name UnicodeMultiDict12:24
solution: pip install webob==1.0.812:25
missing dependency: sqlalchemy
<JasonDGI>it doesnt like you
<cbeer>missing dependency: recordsilo
Downloading/unpacking httplib2==0.5.0 (from rdfobject>=0.4->recordsilo)12:26
another benosteen project12:27
looks like there are unreleased versions in the github project12:28
<JasonDGI>sounds like too much work
<cbeer>yep. filed a ticket and now i'm just going to give up, i guess.12:29
had high hopes of having something useful to do on the plane12:30
guess not.
hopefully once oxford is back, they'll fix all of these issues.
so far, not impressed.
<JasonDGI>maybe instead of a useful flight, you'll have a fun flight12:40
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