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<cbeer>jonathangee: i think we have a couple business items to raise after the standup.10:51
i don't know how you guys normally handle that kind of thing
<ajs6f>Chris: what are you thinking of particularly?10:52
<cbeer>- java package namespace
- delaying our cycles by a day (or telling SG to meeting mondays.)
<ajs6f>Right. Both good things to nail down.
<cbeer>not clear they need to happen synchronously, but maybe people want to.10:53
<ajs6f>The namespace thing for the two 3.x-compatible efforts could stay with org.fcrepo and org.akubraproaject.
<cbeer>i feel like i knew more last night than right now.
<ajs6f>I think we need to know the the name of the greenfield effort to name it in Java/Maven land.
Yeah, I didn't realize we had any slip between TT and SG.10:54
P.S. I'm still voting for Trilby.
Github shouldn't get a veto on our project name.
How about org.fcrepo.backfromthedead?10:55
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<cbeer>ok. time to look up the code
just when i learned stanfords.
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i can't get connected to the conference line11:03
have to add some Skype credit to call in
<cbeer>jonathangee: via skype?
<jonathangee>be there soon
<cbeer>yeah, i saw that too
<jonathangee>I can call everyone if that works
or i'll just add Skype creds
<ajs6f>I'm fine with that— that's why I nominated you, J.
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<ajs6f>E.— we're trying to get the call started, the usual trouble with FreeConferenceCallHD11:04
<barmintor>I've actually been dialing in via google chat :P
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<cbeer>jonathangee: eddie might conference you in
<ajs6f>Just used google-talk, worked well.11:05
<ajs6f>No problem here.
<barmintor>reassign it11:11
<cbeer>jonathangee: next time, i vote you should exercise scrummaster power to define a reporting order.11:15
<jonathangee>will do
i'm going to start a wiki page for each scrum, where we can agenda non-scrum things and keep notes from each scrum11:16
i'll put the order there
<jonathangee>has anyone taken a look at this before: http://www.jboss.org/modeshape
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<ajs6f>Looks impressive… I seem to remember it as being descended from some other OS project, but can't recall it.11:23
barmintor: let me know if/how i can actually help, otherwise i'll keep tinkering and making a big java mess11:25
<jonathangee>cbeer: Can you send out an email to the list about naming?11:40
<cbeer>jonathangee: will do.11:41
want to make me a ticket to remind me to send an email? :P
<cbeer>oh, i remember the other things i wanted to offer as business items.
- story points to real-world effort correlation. i think we talked about this in DC, but maybe after folk started to leave?11:42
- writing smaller stories.
i think the akubra/glacier read/write plugin is too big, but probably not worth trying to correct at this point11:43
<jonathangee>i would agree
<cbeer>but good process notes for sprint 1.
<jonathangee>what size points do we have 1-8 I think?
<ajs6f>This is my difficulty with a two-type system and no dependency tracking.
<cbeer>0-7, fibonacci, i think
<ajs6f>It's hard to get the right granularity, sometimes.
<cbeer>ajs6f: i'm not so sure. i think the glacier story could be split up as follows:11:44
- write the akubra output stream => glacier piece
s/akubra//, really.
<jonathangee>what did we decide for real world correlation of story points in DC?
<cbeer>- write the glacier => input stream
- write the akubra-land piece
- make someone who understands spring write the configuration piece11:45
that's better than a massive 5pt story
jonathangee: i think it was 1/2 a day of effort.
<ajs6f>Agreed. I'm more concerned about the cross-dependencies.
<cbeer>but we decided that after assigning points
ajs6f: this is agile, there's no such thing! everything is interchangable, just blocked :P11:46
i found a git/pivotal plugin the other day
<ajs6f>So it's a SEDA architecture for Taylorizing software development.
<cbeer>and you just pull tickets from a queue.
(and checks out a feature branch, etc, etc)
<jonathangee>i think that works, so the maximum length of a story we can have is 4 days effort
<ajs6f>Do we install that plugin to our pivotal instance?
Or get them to, I should say.11:47
<cbeer>ajs6f: no, it's a git-land plugin that calls to the pivotal api
<cbeer>except that we're all supposed to be equivalent
and not have blockers
agile people are weird.
<ajs6f>We may still change our minds about issue tracking, but we're not likely to change our minds about git.
"we're all supposed to be equivalent" = Taylorization.11:48
"not have blockers" = SEDA
This is cute: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/MODE/Sequencing
Very powerful, but it would depend entirely on ModeShape.11:49
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<cbeer>barmintor: ping?16:09
<cbeer>anything i should do/not do for the akubra glacier stuff>
<cbeer>ok. i'll look at hooking up glacier reading to an inputstream
i'm annoyed there isn't a mid-level aws glacier api16:11
or at least a high-level streaming api
oh, and barmintor, is eclipse as good an IDE for this as any, or should i use something else?16:14
<barmintor>I use eclipse16:15
<cbeer>good enough for me
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[icemelt] cbeer pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/1id4dg
icemelt/master fa333f0 Chris Beer: use request.env to pluck out http headers
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